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128MB NEC LaVie 144-Pin 60ns EDO SODIMM (p/n NEC-ACP)

128MB NEC LaVie 144-Pin 60ns EDO SODIMM (p/n NEC-ACP)

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  • Product Code:NEC-ACP_ACP
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $39.98

128MB NEC LaVie 144-Pin 60ns EDO SODIMM
  • This module is manufactured by Gigaram. This item is in stock and ready to ship today. We guarantee this module will work in your notebook.
  • 128MB 144pin 60ns EDO 8chip SODIMM.
  • The NEC-ACP carries a MemoryTen Lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with NEC LaVie NX LT23/34A, LT23/44A, LT23D/54C, LT23D/54D, LT30D/54A, LT36D/64A, LT2334A, LT2344A, LW20/3DA, LW20/3DC, LW20/3DD, LW20/4DA, LaVie NX LW20/4DC, LaVie NX LW20/4DD, LW20/32A, LW20/32C, LW20/32D, LaVie NX LW20/42A, LaVie NX LW20/42C, LaVie NX LW20/42CS2, LaVie NX LW20/42D, LaVie NX LW20/42DS1, LaVie NX LW20/42DS2, LW23/33C, LW23/33D, LW23/34A, LaVie NX LW23/43C, LaVie NX LW23/43D, LaVie NX LW23/43DS1, LaVie NX LW23/43DS3, LaVie NX LW23C/5DC, LaVie NX LW23C/5DD, LW23/44A, LW23C/52C, LW23C/52D, LW23D/52C, LW23D/52D, LW23D/53AA6, LW23D/53C, LW23D/53D, LW26/34A, LW26/44A, LW26H/62C, LW26H/62D, LW30H/63C4, LW30H/63C6, LW30H/63D4, LW30H/63D6, LW30H/64C6, LW30H/64D6, LW30H/72C, LW30H/72D, LW33H/73C6, LW33H/73D6, LW203DA, LW204DA, LW333D/74C6, LW333D/74CA, LW333D/74D6, LW333D/74DA, LW2334, LW2634A, LW2644A, NEC Versa 2700, 2730, 2730M, 2730MT, 2735M, 2735MT, 2750M, 2750MT, 2755MT, 2760, 2760M, 2760MT, 2770MT, 2780, 2780MT, 5060, 5060X, 5080, 5080X NEC VersaPro Series NX, NEC VersaPro Series NX, PC-VA23DWS AAA34, PC-VA23DWS TAA34, PC-VA23DWX AAB44, PC-VA23DWX TAB44, VA20C/WD AYA23, VA20C/WD AYM23, VA20C/WD TYA23, VA20C/WD TYM23, VA20C/WS AYA23, VA20C/WS AYM23, VA20C/WS TYA23, VA20C/WS YM23, VA23C/WD AYA34, VA23C/WD TYA34, VA23C/WS AYA34, VA23C/WS TYA34, VA23C/WX AAA23, VA23C/WX TAA23, VA23D/TX AAN23, VA23D/WS AAA23, VA23D/WS AAA34, VA23D/WS TAA34, VA23D/WX AAA33, VA23D/WX AAB44, VA23D/WX TAB44, VA26D/WT AAA45, VA26D/WT TAA45, VA26D/WX AAA45, VA26D/WX AAB43, VA26D/WX TAA45, VA26H/WSAYA45, VA26H/WS TYA45, VA30C/BS AYT46, VA30C/BS TYT46, VA30C/BS TYU46, VA30D/TX AAN43, VA30D/TX TAN43, VA30D/WT AAA45, VA30D/WT TAA45, VA36D/AX AAB46, VA36D/AX BAB46, VA36D/AX TAB46, VA36D/AX TAC66, VA36D/TX AAN44, VA36D/TX AAN45, VA36D/TX TAN44, VA36D/TX TAN45, VA40D/AX AAB46, VA40D/AX BAB46, VA40D/AX TAB46, VA20C/WD, VA20C/WS, VA23C/WD, VA23C/WS, VA23C/WX, VA26D/WT, VA26H/WS, VA30C/BS, VA30D/TX, VA30D/WT, VA36D/AX, VA36D/TX, VA40D/AX Zenith Z-NOTE 1000.
  • 060607, 051010, 101211
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