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512MB Packard Bell Notebook DDR2 SODIMM (p/n PB-ADH)

512MB Packard Bell Notebook DDR2 SODIMM (p/n PB-ADH)

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  • Product Code:PB-ADH_AIT
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Price: $4.98

512MB Packard Bell Notebook DDR2 SODIMM
  • This module may be manufactured by Samsung, Micron, Hynix, Infineon, TwinMOS, Adata, Transcend, Apacer or MemoryTen depending on the availability. This item is in stock.
  • 512MB DDR2-533 SODIMM.
  • The PB-ADH carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Packard Bell EasyNote A8202 (DDR2-533MHz), A8550 (DDR2-533MHz), BG35-U-022 (DDR2-533MHz), BG45-P-008 (DDR2-533MHz), BG45-P-012 (DDR2-533MHz), BG45-P-014 (DDR2-533MHz), BG45-P-015 (DDR2-533MHz), BG45-P-016 (DDR2-533MHz), BG45-P-030IL (DDR2-533MHz), BG45-P-034 (DDR2-533MHz), BG45-U-009D (DDR2-533MHz), BG45-U-075 (DDR2-533MHz), BG46-P-001 (DDR2-533MHz), BG46-P-011D (DDR2-533MHz), BG46-P-012 (DDR2-533MHz), BG46-P-019 (DDR2-533MHz), BG46-P-021 (DDR2-533MHz), BG46-P-022 (DDR2-533MHz), BG46-P-023 (DDR2-533MHz), BG46-P-035 (DDR2-533MHz), BG46-P-042FR (DDR2-533MHz), BG46-P-051 (DDR2-533MHz), BG46-T-001RU (DDR2-533MHz), BG46-U-013D (DDR2-533MHz), BG46-U-028 (DDR2-533MHz), BG46-U-038 (DDR2-533MHz), BG47-M-049FR (DDR2-533MHz), BG47-U-010 (DDR2-533MHz), BG48-M-047FR (DDR2-533MHz), BG48-M-056FR (DDR2-533MHz), BG48-T-543 (DDR2-533MHz), BG48-U-091 (DDR2-533MHz), BG48-U-332 (DDR2-533MHz), BU45 (DDR2-533MHz), BU45-O-002 (DDR2-533MHz), BU45-O-061 (DDR2-533MHz), BU45-P-107 (DDR2-533MHz), BU45-P-112 (DDR2-533MHz), BU45-P-113 (DDR2-533MHz), BU45-U-045, BU45-U-074 (DDR2-533MHz), BU45-U-075D (DDR2-533MHz), BU45-U-076 (DDR2-533MHz), BU45-U-083D (DDR2-533MHz), BU45-U-111 (DDR2-533MHz), Dot Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), DOT SE Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), F0237-V-033 (DDR2-533MHz), F0445-P-077 (DDR2-533MHz), GN45 (DDR2-533MHz), GN45-017, GN45-018, GN45-019, GN45-020, GN45-030, GN45-032 (DDR2-533MHz), GN45-P-050 (DDR2-533MHz), GN45-P-071HG, IMax D3413, IMax X3516, J9200, L2600, LJ61-RB-110 (DDR2-533MHz), MB55-P-003FR (DDR2-533MHz), MB55-P-003IL (DDR2-533MHz), MB55-P-309 (DDR2-533MHz), MB65-P-001 (DDR2-533MHz), MB65-P-009 (DDR2-533MHz), MB65-P-032 (DDR2-533MHz), MB65-P-039 (DDR2-533MHz), MB65-P-045, MB65-P-059 (DDR2-533MHz), MB65-P-062 (DDR2-533MHz), MB65-P-072 (DDR2-533MHz), MB65-P-073 (DDR2-533MHz), MB65-U-068 (DDR2-533MHz), MB66-P-003 (DDR2-533MHz), MB66-P-006D (DDR2-533MHz), MB66-P-008D (DDR2-533MHz), MB66-P-012 (DDR2-533MHz), MB66-P-014D (DDR2-533MHz), MB66-P-025 (DDR2-533MHz), MB66-P-033IL (DDR2-533MHz), MB66-U-021 (DDR2-533MHz), MB68-P-006IL (DDR2-533MHz), MB68-P-007IL (DDR2-533MHz), MB68-P-090 (DDR2-533MHz), MB68-T-005 (DDR2-533MHz), MB68-U-001 (DDR2-533MHz), MB85-P-008 (DDR2-533MHz), MB85-P-010 (DDR2-533MHz), MB85-P-021 (DDR2-533MHz), MB85-P-030 (DDR2-533MHz), MB85-P-031 (DDR2-533MHz), MB85-P-032 (DDR2-533MHz), MB85-P-037 (DDR2-533MHz), MB86-P-017 (DDR2-533MHz), MB86-P-019 (DDR2-533MHz), MB86-P-020 (DDR2-533MHz), MB86-P-021 (DDR2-533MHz), MB87-P-001 (DDR2-533MHz), MB87-P-015 (DDR2-533MHz), MB87-P-016 (DDR2-533MHz), MB87-P-021 (DDR2-533MHz), MB87-P-022 (DDR2-533MHz), MB87-P-022IL (DDR2-533MHz), MB87-P-023IL (DDR2-533MHz), MB88-P-002D (DDR2-533MHz), MB88-P-003 (DDR2-533MHz), MB88-P-006 (DDR2-533MHz), MB88-P-007D (DDR2-533MHz), MB88-P-008 (DDR2-533MHz), MB88-P-010 (DDR2-533MHz), MB88-P-011 (DDR2-533MHz), MB89-P-001 (DDR2-533MHz), MB89-P-019 (DDR2-533MHz), MB89-P-021 (DDR2-533MHz), MB89-P-023 (DDR2-533MHz), MB89-P-026 (DDR2-533MHz), MB89-P-035IL (DDR2-533MHz), ME35-T-003, ME35-T-023 (DDR2-533MHz), ME35-T-029, ME35-T-033IL (DDR2-533MHz), ME35-T-045, ME35-U-011 (DDR2-533MHz), ME35-U-075, MH35-T-008 (DDR2-533MHz), MH35-T-074 (DDR2-533MHz), MH35-T-076IL (DDR2-533MHz), MH35-T-111 (DDR2-533MHz), MH35-U-001 (DDR2-533MHz), MH35-U-016HK (DDR2-533MHz), MH35-U-021 (DDR2-533MHz), MH35-U-036 (DDR2-533MHz), MH35-U-049 (DDR2-533MHz), MH35-U-050 (DDR2-533MHz), MH35-U-053 (DDR2-533MHz), MH35-U-074IL (DDR2-533MHz), MH35-V-157NC (DDR2-533MHz), MH35-W-200 (DDR2-533MHz), MH45-U-100 (DDR2-533MHz), ML61-B-001FR (DDR2-533MHz), ML61-B-700NCD (DDR2-533MHz), ML61-B-770NCD (DDR2-533MHz), ML65-M-001SP (DDR2-533MHz), MT85-M-007FR (DDR2-533MHz), MT85-T-001SP (DDR2-533MHz), MV35-202, MV35-202D (DDR2-533MHz), MV45, MV45-120 (DDR2-533MHz), MV46, MV46-004, MV51-120 (DDR2-533MHz), MV85, MV85-002, MV85-P-008 (DDR2-533MHz), MV86, MV86-001, MX35, MX36 (DDR2-533MHz), MX36-R-041, MX36-U-061D, MX36-V-019, MX37-T-045 (DDR2-533MHz), MX37-T-057IL (DDR2-533MHz), MX37-U-015 (DDR2-533MHz), MX37-U-029 (DDR2-533MHz), MX37-U-055 (DDR2-533MHz), MX37-U-058FR (DDR2-533MHz), MX37-U-058IL (DDR2-533MHz), MX37-V-022 (DDR2-533MHz), MX37-W-702NCD (DDR2-533MHz), MX45, MX45-202 (DDR2-533MHz), MX51, MX51-014 (DDR2-533MHz), MX51-015 (DDR2-533MHz), MX51-204 (DDR2-533MHz), MX51-204D (DDR2-533MHz), MX51-206D (DDR2-533MHz), X51-B-021 (DDR2-533MHz), MX51-B-026 (DDR2-533MHz), MX51-B-027 (DDR2-533MHz), MX51-B-051 (DDR2-533MHz), MX51-B-058 (DDR2-533MHz), MX51-B-059 (DDR2-533MHz), MX51-B-065 (DDR2-533MHz), MX51-B-066 (DDR2-533MHz), MX51-B-067 (DDR2-533MHz), MX51-B-070, MX51-B-075 (DDR2-533MHz), MX51-F-034 (DDR2-533MHz), MX52-B-029 (DDR2-533MHz), MX52-B-032 (DDR2-533MHz), MX52-B-033 (DDR2-533MHz), MX52-B-043 (DDR2-533MHz), MX52-B-044 (DDR2-533MHz), MX52-B-064 (DDR2-533MHz), MX52-B-082FR (DDR2-533MHz), MX52-B-107 (DDR2-533MHz), MX61-B-018 (DDR2-533MHz), MX61-B-019 (DDR2-533MHz), MX61-B-030 (DDR2-533MHz), MX61-B-035 (DDR2-533MHz), MX65, MX65-008 (DDR2-533MHz), MX65-043D (DDR2-533MHz), MX65-101D (DDR2-533MHz), MX67, MX67-P-004D (DDR2-533MHz), MX67-P-087 (DDR2-533MHz), MX410 (DDR2-533MHz), MZ35-200 (DDR2-533MHz), MZ35-200D (DDR2-533MHz), MZ35-200W (DDR2-533MHz), MZ35-217, MZ35-217W (DDR2-533MHz), MZ35-R-007 (DDR2-533MHz), MZ35-U-005, MZ35-U-014W (DDR2-533MHz), MZ35-V-006 (DDR2-533MHz), MZ35-V-013, MZ35-V-013W (DDR2-533MHz), MZ35-V-036, MZ35-V-060FR, MZ35-V-060UK, MZ35-V-071, MZ35-V-071W, MZ35-V-075, MZ35-V-075D-FR, MZ35-V-095, MZ35-V-096, MZ35-V-096W, MZ35-V-104W, MZ36-R-024 (DDR2-533MHz), MZ36-R-026 (DDR2-533MHz), MZ36-U-028 (DDR2-533MHz), MZ36-U-088 (DDR2-533MHz), MZ36-V-091 (DDR2-533MHz), MZ36-U-024, MZ36-T-026 (DDR2-533MHz), MZ36-R-017 (DDR2-533MHz), MZ36-T-015 (DDR2-533MHz), MZ36-T-019 (DDR2-533MHz), MZ45-P-002 (DDR2-533MHz), MZ351 (DDR2-533MHz), MZ370 (DDR2-533MHz), R9200, R9 230, R9 250D, R9 252, R9 311, RS65-M-022FR (DDR2-533MHz), RS65-M-023FR (DDR2-533MHz), S4802 (DDR2-533MHz), S4814 Power Cinema, S4935 (DDR2-533MHz), S4 815, S4 820, S4 935 (S 4935), S8 500, S8 550 D, S4044, S4045, S4046, S4047, S4086, S4800, S4910, S4912, S4927, S8500, S8600, SB65-P-031FR (DDR2-533MHz), SB65-U-001D (DDR2-533MHz), SB65-U-318 (DDR2-533MHz), SB85-P-012 (DDR2-533MHz), SB85-P-022D (DDR2-533MHz), SB85-P-037 (DDR2-533MHz), SB85-P-042 (DDR2-533MHz), SB85-P-057 (DDR2-533MHz), SB85-U-025 (DDR2-533MHz), SB86-P-031 (DDR2-533MHz), SB86-P-036 (DDR2-533MHz), SB87-P-023IL (DDR2-533MHz), SB87-P-024IL (DDR2-533MHz), SB88-P-002D (DDR2-533MHz), SB88-P-006 (DDR2-533MHz), SB88-P-014 (DDR2-533MHz), SB89-P-001 (DDR2-533MHz), SB89-P-015 (DDR2-533MHz), SB89-P-028IL (DDR2-533MHz), SJ51-B-008D (DDR2-533MHz), SJ51-B-009D (DDR2-533MHz), SJ51-B-026D (DDR2-533MHz), SJ51-B-041D (DDR2-533MHz), SJ51-B-051 (DDR2-533MHz), SJ51-B-064 (DDR2-533MHz), SJ51-B-083 (DDR2-533MHz), SJ51-B-084 (DDR2-533MHz), SJ51-B-102FR (DDR2-533MHz), SJ51-B-105FR (DDR2-533MHz), SJ51-B-115 (DDR2-533MHz), SJ51-B-208 (DDR2-533MHz), SJ51-B-510NC (DDR2-533MHz), SJ81-B-008W (DDR2-533MHz), SJ81-B-017 (DDR2-533MHz), SJ82-B-002 (DDR2-533MHz), SJ82-B-003 (DDR2-533MHz), SL35-U-333 (DDR2-533MHz), SL45-T-002SP (DDR2-533MHz), SL51-B-092 (DDR2-533MHz), SL65-P-023 (DDR2-533MHz), SL65-P-091 (DDR2-533MHz), SL81-B-001FR (DDR2-533MHz), SL81-B-002FR (DDR2-533MHz), SL81-B-007 (DDR2-533MHz), SL81-B-094 (DDR2-533MHz), ST85-M-002FR (DDR2-533MHz), ST86-P-745 (DDR2-533MHz), SW86-003 (DDR2-533MHz), Pack-Mate 2130 (DDR2-533MHz), TN65-M-102 (DDR2-533MHz), TN65-P-300 (DDR2-533MHz), SW51-B-012 (DDR2-533MHz), V7812 (DDR2-533MHz), W7 200, W7 500, W7 600 TNT, W7 620, W7 650, W7 730, W7510 D, W7600, W7872 TNT Power Cinema TV+, iStart F2312 (DDR2-533MHz).
  • 012808, 032408, 051208, 092208, 092908, 100608, 101408, 102108, 102408, 103008, 110308, 111008, 111908, 112808, 120308, 120808, 121508, 122208, 122908, 010509, 011309, 011909, 012709, 020209, 020909, 022309, 030209, 030909, 031709, 061509, 062209, 062909, 071309, 072709, 080309, 081709, 082409, 111609, 120109, 120709, 121409, 020510, 032910, 040510, 080510, 122110, 060711, 111611
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