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512MB PC Chips Desktop/Mainboard PC2100 DDR266 DIMM (p/n PCCHIPS-512MB-PC2100)

512MB PC Chips Desktop/Mainboard PC2100 DDR266 DIMM (p/n PCCHIPS-512MB-PC2100)

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  • Product Code:PCCHIPS-512MB-PC2100_ACSAGA
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $7.98, 10/$76.00, 100/$699.00

512MB PC Chips Desktop/Mainboard PC2100 DDR266 DIMM
  • PCCHIPS-512MB-PC2100
  • This module may be manufactured by Micron, Infineon, Samsung, Kingston, TwinMOS, Adata, Nanya or MemoryTen depending on availability. This module is in stock and can ship today.
  • 512MB 184pin PC2100 DDR266 3.3V DIMM.
  • The PCCHIPS-512MB-PC2100 carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with PC Chips A928 (V4.0), A929, AIO LCD-PC A950, Desknote A928, A929, M700MR Motherboard (DDR), M701G V1.1 Motherboard, M789CLU V1.2 Motherboard, M791G V1.0A Motherboard (DDR), M792LR Motherboard (DDR), M810CDLU V5.2C Motherboard (DDR), M810D Motherboard (DDR), M810D V8.0A Motherboard (DDR), M810DG V8.0 Motherboard (DDR), M810DLU Motherboard (DDR), M810DLU V5.2A Motherboard (DDR), M811LU, M817L Motherboard (DDR), M817LR Motherboard (DDR), M817LMR Motherboard (DDR), M825 Motherboard (DDR), M825CLU V5.2 Motherboard (DDR), M825G V8.0A Motherboard (DDR), M825L Motherboard (DDR), M825LR Motherboard (DDR), M825LMR Motherboard (DDR), M830LU Motherboard (DDR), M830LU V5.X Motherboard (DDR), M831 Motherboard (DDR), M831LR Motherboard (DDR), M841ALU Motherboard (DDR), M841AULR Motherboard (DDR), M841L Motherboard (DDR), M841LR Motherboard (DDR), M841LU Motherboard (DDR), M846FLR, M902LU v3.0 (DDR), M902ULR V 1.1A DDR, M903ULR Motherboard (DDR), M903LU Motherboard (DDR), M903LU V3.X Motherboard (DDR), M903U Motherboard (DDR), M906 V3.3 Motherboard, M906LU Motherboard, M906ULR Motherboard, M907HLU V1.2 Motherboard, M920 Motherboard (DDR), M920L Motherboard (DDR), M920LR Motherboard (DDR), M920LMR Motherboard (DDR), M920LR V1.3 Motherboard, M922L Motherboard (DDR), M922LR Motherboard (DDR), M925G V 9.1B DDR, M925LMR Motherboard (DDR), M927 Motherboard (DDR), M927L Motherboard (DDR), M927LR Motherboard (DDR), M927LMR Motherboard (DDR), M935ALU V5.1B Motherboard (DDR), M935CG V1.0 Motherboard, M935DHLU v1.2, M935LU Motherboard (DDR), M935LU V5.1B Motherboard (DDR), M935LU5 V7.0 Motherboard (DDR), M935U Motherboard (DDR), M938LU V3.1 Motherboard, Slim PC M825LMR (DDR), Slim PC M925LMR (DDR), U-Buddie UB-4M23.
  • 121007, 102108, 032910, 032811, 071111
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