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512MB NEC Laptop 200pin PC2700 DDR SODIMM (p/n PK-UG-M051)

512MB NEC Laptop 200pin PC2700 DDR SODIMM (p/n PK-UG-M051)

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  • Product Code:PK-UG-M051_ABX
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Price: $13.98

512MB NEC Laptop 200pin PC2700 DDR SODIMM
  • PK-UG-M051, M6464C250
  • This module may be manufactured by Micron, Samsung, Infineon, Hynix or Gigaram.
  • 512MB 200pin PC2700 DDR333 SODIMM.
  • The PK-UG-M051 carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with NEC i-Select M3410, M4610, M5210, M5410, M5610, LaVie C LC700/7D, C LC700/8D, C LC900/5D, C LC900/6D, C LC900/7D, C LC900/8E, C LC950/6D, G C LG18SS/D, G C LG26SU/ME, G C LG26SU/MF, G C LG26SU/YF, G C LG28VU/G, G C LG30SU/ME, G C LG30SU/MF, G C LG30SU/UF, G C LG32VU/G, J LJ700/7E, L LL750/9A1Y, LL750/9D, LL750/BD, LL770/9DT, LL770/AD, LL850/BD, LL900/9D, LL900/AD, LL900/BD, LL970/9D, LaVie N LN300/BD, LN300/9DB, LN300/9DW, LN300/AD1, LN300/AD2, LN390/BD, LN500/9DB, LN500/9DW, LN500/AD1, LN500/AD2, LaVie RX LR300/8D, LR500/9D, LR500/AD, LR500/BD, LR700/8E, LR700/9E, LaVie S LS500/9DT, LS500/AD, LS700/8D, LS700/9D, LS700/AD, LS830/9D, LS830/AD, LS900/8E, T LT700/AD, LaVie T LT900/AD, LaVie T LT900/BD, LaVie TW LW700/BD, LW900/BD, VaVie GL28UR/C1, VaVie GL37NR/C1, Versa A2100, A2200, C250, E2000, E6000, E6000X, E6100, L1100, L1101, M340, M350, M400, M440, M450, M540, P550, S940, S3000, VersaPro J PC-VJ10FBHE14SM, J PC-VJ12MEFE1EHM, J PC-VJ12MEXE1EHM, J PC-VJ13MDFEAEHR, J PC-VJ13MEFE1EHR, J PC-VJ13MEXE1EHR, J PC-VJ13MHBER4HR, J PC-VJ13MLVER4HR, J PC-VJ13MRFEAEHR, J PC-VJ13MRXEAEHR, J PC-VJ15FEFE1EHM, J PC-VJ15FEXE1EHM, J PC-VJ16FEFE1EHR, J PC-VJ16FEXE1EHR, J PC-VJ16FHBER4HR, J PC-VJ16FVHEA4SL, J PC-VJ16FRFEAEHR, J PC-VJ16FRXEAEHR, J PC-VJ17FDFEAEHR, J PC-VJ17FDGEAEHR, J PC-VJ17FLVEH4UM, J PC-VJ17FLVER4HR, J PC-VJ18FRFEAEHR, J PC-VJ20FDFEAEHR, J PC-VJ20FDGEAEHR, J PC-VJ30YAFEAESL, J PC-VJ30YAFEAESM, J PC-VJ30YAGEAESL, J PC-VJ30YAGEAESM, J PC-VJ32YAEEAESL, J PC-VJ32YAEEAESM, J PC-VJ80MBHEA4SL, J PC-VJ80MBHE14SM, J PC-VJ80MBWEA4SL, J PC-VJ80MBWE14SM, J VJ10F/BH-M, J VJ12M/EF-M, J VJ12M/EX-M, J VJ13M/EF-R, J VJ13M/EX-R, J VJ13M/LV-R, J VJ13M/RF-R, J VJ13M/RX-R, J VJ15F/EF-M, J VJ15F/EX-M, J VJ16F/EF-R, J VJ16F/EX-R, J VJ16F/RF-R, J VJ16F/RX-R, J VJ17F/LV-M, J VJ17F/LV-R, J VJ18F/RF-R, J VJ80M/BH-L, J VJ80M/BH-M, J VJ80M/BW-L, J VJ80M/BW-M, J VJ16F/VH-L, J VJ17F/DF-R, J VJ17F/DG-R, J VJ20F/DF-R, J VJ20F/DG-R, J VJ30Y/AF-L, J VJ30Y/AF-M, J VJ30Y/AG-L, J VJ30Y/AG-M, J VJ32Y/AE-L, J VJ32Y/AE-M, J VJ13M/DF-R, J VJ13M/HB-R, J VJ16F/HB-R, VersaPro PC-VA30SAEZAEFJ, PC-VY17FLVEH4HL, PC-VJ17FLVEH4UL, PC-VA24SAFEAEFJ, PC-VA24SAFZAEFJ, PC-VA24SAGEAEFJ, PC-VA30SAEEAEFJ, PC-VA30SAEZAEFJ, PC-VA24SAGZAEFJ, VersaPro VA24S/AF, VA24S/AG, VA30S/AE, VJ17F/LV-L, VJ17FLVEH4UL, VersaPro VY17F/LV-L, VersaPro VY10F/BH-M, VY12M/EF-M, VY13M/DF-R, VY13M/EF-R, VY13M/EX-R, VY13M/HB-R, VY13M/LV-R, VY13M/RF-R, VY13M/RX-R, VY14F/VH-L, VY15F/EF-M, VY15F/EX-M, VY16F/EF-R, VY16F/EX-R, VY16F/HB-R, VY16F/RF-R, VY16F/RX-R, VY16F/VH-L, VY17F/DF-R, VY17F/DG-R, VY17F/LV-M, VY17F/LV-R, VY18F/RF-R, VY20F/DF-R, VY20F/DG-R, VY30Y/AF-L, VY30Y/AF-M, VY30Y/AG-L, VY30Y/AG-M, VY32Y/AE-L, VY80M/BH-L, VY80M/BH-M, VY80M/BW-L, VY80M/BW-M.
  • 091007, 070914
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