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256MB HP-Compaq Business Desktop/PhotoSmart PC2-3200 non-ECC DDR2-400 Memory (p/n PR661A)

256MB HP-Compaq Business Desktop/PhotoSmart PC2-3200 non-ECC DDR2-400 Memory (p/n PR661A)

  • Brand:
  • Product Code:PR661A_ADZBLF
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $4.98

256MB HP-Compaq Business Desktop/PhotoSmart PC2-3200 non-ECC DDR2-400 Memory
  • Equivalent OEM part number: PR661A, 382504-001, KTH-XW4200/256, 375238-051
  • This module may be manufactured by Infineon, Micron, Samsung, Adata, or TwinMOS depending on availability. This module is in stock and can ship today. We guarantee this module will work in your system.
  • Specifications:
    Size - 256MB
    Speed: PC2-3200 DDR2-400
    Pins - 240 pins
    ECC - no
    Registered - no
    Form Factor - DIMM
    3LC - ADZBLF
  • This module can be run in Dual Channel mode.
  • The PR661A carries a Memory(x) lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with HP/Compaq Business Desktop dc5100 MT (DDR2-400), dc5100 SFF (DDR2-400), dx6120 MT (DDR2-400), dx6120 ST (DDR2-400), DX6128 MT, Media Center M1264N, M1265C, M1277c, M1277c-b, M1280n Photosmart PC, M1290.NL, M7050y Series (CTO), M7060n Photosmart PC, M7063w, M7067C, M7070n Photosmart PC, M7077c, M7077c-b, Photosmart PC, M7087C, Photosmart PC, M7100y Series (CTO) (DDR2-400), M7130.FR, (DDR2-400MHz), M7151.UK, M7160n Photosmart PC, M7163W, M7167C, M7170.CH, M7170KR, M7171.FR, M7181.IT, M7181.UK, M7183C, M7188D, M7188HK, M7190.NL, M7191.IT, M7199A, M7199CN, M7200kr,,, M7240la, M7246n Photosmart PC, M7250kr, M7250la, M7250N, M7257c, M7260n Photosmart PC,, M7265c Photosmart PC (DDR2-400MHz), M7266a Photosmart PC (DDR2-400MHz), M7267c, M7268hk,, M7270kr, M7270tw, M7277c Photosmart PC (DDR2-400MHz),,, (DDR2-400MHz), M7280tw, M7287c (DDR2-400MHz), M7287c-b (DDR2-400MHz), M7288a (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), Media Center (DDR2-400MHz), Media Center (DDR2-400MHz)PC M7265c-b PhotoSmart PC, PC M7277c-b PhotoSmart PC, M7288hk, M7299A, Pavilion a1010y Series (CTO), A1013W, a1016x, a1016x-b, a1020n, a1023c, a1023c-b, a1030n, a1032c, a1032c-b, a1034n, a1035c, a1035c-b, a1040n, a1100y (DDR2-400MHz), a1100y (CTO) (DDR2-400MHz), A1102N, A1102n-b, A1104X, A1106n, a1120n, A1123c-bc, A1125c, A1125c-b, a1140n, A1170D, A1200y (DDR2-400MHz), a1214n (DDR2-400MHz), a1215l (DDR2-400MHz), a1217n (DDR2-400MHz), a1218l (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), a1219h (DDR2-400MHz), a1220a (DDR2-400MHz), a1220in (DDR2-400MHz), A1220n, a1221n (DDR2-400MHz), a1224n, A1240N, (DDR2-400MHz), a1228d (DDR2-400MHz), a1228hk (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), a1229kr (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), a1230d (DDR2-400MHz), a1230tw (DDR2-400MHz), a1239d (DDR2-400MHz), a1240a (DDR2-400MHz), a1240tw (DDR2-400MHz), a1254l (DDR2-400MHz), a1260a (DDR2-400MHz), a1265w (DDR2-400MHz), a1270d (DDR2-400MHz), a1278d (DDR2-400MHz), a1288d (DDR2-400MHz), a1300a (DDR2-400MHz), a1300la (DDR2-400MHz), a1302kr (DDR2-400MHz), a1305a (DDR2-400MHz), a1305kr (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), a1312in (DDR2-400MHz), a1312kr (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), a1320a (DDR2-400MHz), a1320tw (DDR2-400MHz), a1320y (CTO) (DDR2-400MHz), a1322l (DDR2-400MHz), a1326l (DDR2-400MHz), a1328hk (DDR2-400MHz), a1329hk (DDR2-400MHz), a1337d (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), a1339d (DDR2-400MHz), a1340l (DDR2-400MHz), a1342l (DDR2-400MHz), a1345l (DDR2-400MHz), a1346l (DDR2-400MHz), a1348d (DDR2-400MHz), a1348hk (DDR2-400MHz), a1349d (DDR2-400MHz), a1349hk (DDR2-400MHz), a1350l (DDR2-400MHz), a1354l (DDR2-400MHz), a1357l (DDR2-400MHz), a1359hk (DDR2-400MHz), a1359l (DDR2-400MHz), a1360d (DDR2-400MHz), a1362d (DDR2-400MHz), a1377kr (DDR2-400MHz), a1378hk (DDR2-400MHz), a1380l (DDR2-400MHz), a1384l (DDR2-400MHz), a1387l (DDR2-400MHz), a1389l (DDR2-400MHz), a1420n Media Center, (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), a1473w, A1500a (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), A1510kr (DDR2-400MHz), A1515in (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), a1518in Media Center (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), a1519h Media Center (DDR2-400MHz), a1520a Media Center (DDR2-400MHz), A1520d (DDR2-400MHz), A1520kr (DDR2-400MHz), A1520tw (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), a1524n Media Center (DDR2-400MHz), A1525A (DDR2-400MHz), A1528hk (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), A1538hk (DDR2-400MHz), A1540sy (DDR2-400MHz), A1545l (DDR2-400MHz), A1546hk (DDR2-400MHz), A1548d (DDR2-400MHz), A1548hk (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), a1550a Media Center (DDR2-400MHz), A1555A (DDR2-400MHz), A1570kr (DDR2-400MHz), A1580kr (DDR2-400MHz), A1580tw (DDR2-400MHz), A1590d (DDR2-400MHz), A1590tw (DDR2-400MHz), A1597d Media Center (DDR2-400MHz), A1598d Media Center (DDR2-400MHz), d1000y Series (CTO), D1160.SE, D1182.SE, D1185.SE, D1191.SE, D1192.SE, D1220.SE, D1240.SE, D1241.SE, D1242.SE, D1260.SE, D1261.SE, D1262.SE, D1263.SE, D1280.SE, D1283.SE, D1290.SE, D1291.SE, D1293.SE, d4000y Series (CTO), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), D4060.SE, (DDR2-400MHz), D4080.SE, D4085.SE, D4090.SE, D4091.SE, (DDR2-400MHz), D4096.SE, d4100y Series (CTO) (DDR2-400), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz) Media Center, m7388a (DDR2-400MHz) Media Center, Media Center (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz) Media Center, (DDR2-400MHz) Media Center, (DDR2-400MHz) Media Center, Media Center (DDR2 400), (DDR2-400MHz) Media Center, (DDR2-400MHz), M7523cn (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), M7529cn (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), M7540la (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), m7550la (DDR2-400MHz), M7550kr (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), m7560in (DDR2-400MHz), m7569cn (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), m7570a (DDR2-400MHz), m7570kr (DDR2-400MHz), s7210n (DDR2-400MHz ) Slimline Desktop, s7220n, s7310n Slimline Desktop PC, s7320n Slimline Media Center PC, M1297c-b, M7267c-b, s7517c (DDR2-400MHz) Media Center, s7530n, Photosmart PC (DDR2-400), t865.SE, Photosmart PC (DDR2-400), t866.SE, t875.SE, t880.BE, t880.NL, Photosmart PC (DDR2-400), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), t3065.SE, (DDR2-400), t3066.SE, (DDR2-400), (DDR2-400MHz),, (PC2-3200), (PC2-3200), (PC2-3200),, (PC2-3200), (PC2-3200), (PC2-3200), (PC2-3200), (PC2-3200), (PC2-3200), (PC2-3200), (PC2-3200), (PC2-3200), (PC2-3200), (PC2-3200), (PC2-3200),, (PC2-3200),, (PC2-3200), (PC2-3200), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (PC2-3200), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (PC2-3200), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (PC2-3200), (PC2-3200), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (PC2-3200), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (PC2-3200), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400MHz), U1107cl, U1108cl, U1160cl, U1167cl, U1169cl, U1227cl, v1212kr (DDR2-400MHz), v1302kr (DDR2-400MHz), v1311kr (DDR2-400MHz), v1312kr (DDR2-400MHz), v1342kr (DDR2-400MHz), v1347kr (DDR2-400MHz), v1411kr (DDR2-400MHz), v1442kr (DDR2-400MHz), v1447kr (DDR2-400MHz), (DDR2-400), w5080.ES, w5097.FR, w5128hk (DDR2-400), (DDR2-400),, w5230la (PC2-3200), w5240la (DDR2-400), (PC2-3200), w5320la (DDR2-400), w5330la (DDR2-400), (DDR2-400), (DDR2-400), w5340la (DDR2-400), w5346hk (DDR2-400), (DDR2-400), w5363cl (DDR2-400), w5367cl (DDR2-400), w5369cn (DDR2-400), Presario SR1426NX, SR1430NX, SR1500TW (DDR2-400), SR1507AL, SR1508AL, SR1519NL (DDR2-400), SR1519X, SR1520ND, sr1522cu, SR1522X, SR1530KR (DDR2-400MHz), SR1537ES, SR1539ES, SR1540AP, SR1549ES, SR1550NL (DDR2-400), SR1560FR (DDR2-400MHz), SR1570CF (CTO)(DDR2-400), SR1580CF (CTO)(DDR2-400), SR1589IT (DDR2-400), SR1598ES (DDR2-400MHz), SR1599AN (DDR2-400MHz), SR1603LS, SR1607AL, SR1608HL (DDR2-400), SR1610ND, SR1610SF, SR1610TW, SR1617LA, SR1619ES, SR1620IL, SR1620LA, SR1629UK (DDR2-400), SR1630IL, SR1630TW, SR1637NL (DDR2-400), SR1639FR (DDR2-400), SR1640AP, SR1650AP, SR1650KR, SR1657ES, SR1659IT (DDR2-400), SR1660TW, SR1670CF, SR1670KR, SR1680CF, SR1689ES (DDR2-400MHz), SR1699ES, SR1703LS (DDR2-400MHz), SR1705AL (DDR2-400MHz), SR1705UK (DDR2-400MHz), SR1706FR (DDR2-400MHz), SR1707AL (DDR2-400MHz), SR1708AL (DDR2-400MHz), SR1708HL (DDR2-400MHz), SR1710FR (DDR2-400MHz), SR1711FR (DDR2-400MHz), SR1712IL (DDR2-400MHz), SR1716IL (DDR2-400MHz), SR1717AL (DDR2-400MHz), SR1717LA (DDR2-400MHz), SR1718IL (DDR2-400MHz), SR1720IL (DDR2-400MHz), SR1720LA (DDR2-400MHz), SR1720TW (DDR2-400MHz), SR1722CU, SR1722IL (DDR2-400MHz), SR1722X (DDR2-400MHz), SR1725IN (DDR2-400MHz), SR1727ES (DDR2-400MHz), SR1728IN (DDR2-400MHz), SR1729NL (DDR2-400MHz), SR1730AP (DDR2-400MHz), SR1730IL (DDR2-400MHz), SR1730KR (DDR2-400MHz), SR1732IL (DDR2-400MHz), SR1737NL (DDR2-400MHz), SR1739NL (DDR2-400MHz), SR1739UK (DDR2-400MHz), SR1740CF (CTO) (DDR2-400MHz), SR1740TW (DDR2-400MHz), SR1745CF (CTO) (DDR2-400MHz), SR1747IT (DDR2-400MHz), SR1748CF (CTO) (DDR2-400MHz), SR1750KR (DDR2-400MHz), SR1757ES (DDR2-400MHz), SR1760TW (DDR2-400MHz), SR1769NL (DDR2-400MHz), SR1770CF (CTO) (DDR2-400MHz), SR1770KR (DDR2-400MHz), SR1780CF (CTO) (DDR2-400MHz), SR1781CF (CTO) (DDR2-400MHz), SR1782CF (CTO) (DDR2-400MHz), SR1783CF (CTO) (DDR2-400MHz), SR1784CF (CTO) (DDR2-400MHz), SR1785CF (CTO) (DDR2-400MHz), SR1786CF (CTO) (DDR2-400MHz), SR1788CF (CTO) (DDR2-400MHz), SR1789ES (DDR2-400MHz), SR1789IT (DDR2-400MHz), SR1791CF (CTO) (DDR2-400MHz), SR1792CF (CTO) (DDR2-400MHz), SR1796CF (CTO) (DDR2-400MHz), SR1797CF (CTO) (DDR2-400MHz), SR1797ES (DDR2-400MHz), SR1799ES (DDR2-400MHz), SR1800NX (DDR2-400MHz), SR1803FR (DDR2-400MHz), SR1803WM (DDR2-400MHz), SR1808FR (DDR2-400MHz), SR1809ES (DDR2-400MHz), SR1809IT (DDR2-400MHz), SR1815FR (DDR2-400MHz), SR1819ND (DDR2-400MHz), SR1819NL (DDR2-400MHz), SR1819SF (DDR2-400MHz), SR1829ES (DDR2-400MHz), SR1829IT (DDR2-400MHz), SR1847FR (DDR2-400MHz), Workstation xw4200 (DDR2-400MHz) (non-ECC).
  • 111507, 100308, 110708, 120109, 010610, 081110, 101110, 061311, 080911, 071113, 071213
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