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512MB Samsung X10 XTC 200p PC2100 DDR SODIMM (p/n SMM-512D266E-E)

512MB Samsung X10 XTC 200p PC2100 DDR SODIMM (p/n SMM-512D266E-E)

  • Brand:
  • Product Code:SMM-512D266E_ABBABY
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $13.98, 10/$130.00, 100/$1,200.00

512MB Samsung X10 XTC 200p PC2100 DDR SODIMM
  • SMM-512D266E/E, M6464B250
  • This module may be manufactured by Samsung, Elpida, Micron, Hynix, Infineon, or MemoryTen depending on our availalblity. This part is in stock.
  • 512MB 200p PC2100 DDR266 SODIMM.
  • The SMM-512D266E-E carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Samsung P10 NP10, P10/T10, P10 XTC 1700, P10 XTC 1800, P10 XTC 1900, P10C NP10C, P10C XTC 1900, P10C XTC 2000, P20 NP20, P20XTC 1900 Best Value, P20 XTC 2000, P20 XTC 2200, P20 XTCB 2200, P20C XTC 2000, P20C XTC 2200, P25 KBD, P25 NP25, P25 XTCB 2400, P25 XVC 2200, P25 XVC 2200 II, P25 XVCb 2400, P25 XVD 2400, P25 XZC 2500, P25 XZC 2600, P25 XVC 2200, P25C XTCB 2400, P25C XVC 2400, P25C XZC 2500, P25C XZC 2600, P30 NP30, P30 XTC 1400, P30 XTM 1700, P30 XVC 1400, Q20, Q20 NQ20, Q20 TEC 1100, Q20 TLC 1200, Q20 TXC 1100, Q20 TXC 1200+, Q30 LXC 733, Samsung P10/T10, V30 Series, Celeron, T10 NT10, X05 Series, X05 NX05, X05 XTC 1400, X05 XTC 1400 II, X05 XTC 1400c, X10 XTC, X05 XTC 1500, X05 XTM 1500, X10 NX10, X10 XTC 1300/1300 Retail, X10 XTC 1300 II, X10 XTC 1300, X10 XTC 1400, X10 XTC 1500/1500 II, X10 XTC 1500 III, X10 XTC 1500 IV, X10 XTC 1500 Retail, X10 XTC 1600, X10 XTC 1600 II, X10 XTC 1700, X10 XTC 1700 Retail, X15 Series, X15 HVC 1500, X15 LVC 1400, X15 XVM 1700.
  • 080307, 081108, 111208, 011609
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