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Grand Champion SL

ServerWorks Grand Champion SL Memory
Maximum Memory 16GB
Memory Slots 8 (2 banks of 4)
non-removable base memory 0MB
128MB Tested To
16Mx72 (with 16Mx8 components) Part Number
Hynix HYMD116G7258-L 200 MHz
Infineon HYS72D1600GR-8-A 200 MHz
Micron MT9VDDT1672G-265B1 266 MHz
Samsung M383L1713DTS-CB0 266 MHz

32Mx72 (with 32Mx4 components)
Hynix HYMD132G7254-L 200 MHz
Mitsubishi MH32D72AKLA-10 200 MHz
Samsung M383L3310BT0-CA0 200 MHz

32Mx72 (with 16Mx8 components)
Infineon HYS72D32501GR-7-A(low profile) 266 MHz
Micron MT18VDDT3272DG-265B1 266 MHz
Mosel Vitelic V827332U045ATG-B0 200 MHz
Samsung M312L3310DT0-CB0(low profile) 266 MHz

32Mx72 (with 32Mx8 components)
Hynix HYMD232G726A8-H 266 MHz
Hynix HYMD232G726A8-H(lo profile) 266 MHz
Infineon HYS72D32300GBR-6-B(low profile) 266 MHz
Infineon HYS72D32300GBR-7-B(low profile) 266 MHz
Infineon HYS72D32500GR-7-B(low profile) 266 MHz
Micron MT9VDDT3272G-265B1 266 MHz
Micron MT9VDDT3272G-265B2(low profile) 266 MHz
Mitsubishi MH32D72KLH-10 200 MHz
Nanya NT256D72S89AKGU-7K(lo profile) 266 MHz
Samsung M312L3223DG0-CB3(low profile) 266 MHz

64Mx72 (with 64Mx4 components)
Elpida HB54A5129F1-10B 200 MHz
Hynix HYMD264G726A4-H 266 MHz
Hynix HYMD264G726A4-H(lo profile) 266 MHz
Hynix HYMD264G726B4MJ-J(lo profile) 266 MHz
Infineon HYS72D128520GR-7-A(lo profile) 266 MHz
Infineon HYS72D64300GBR-7-B(low profile) 266 MHz
Micron MT18VDDT6472G-202B1 200 MHz
Micron MT18VDDT6472G-265B1 266 MHz
Mitsubishi MH64D72KLG-10 200 MHz
Nanya NT512D72S4PAKGU-7K(lo profile) 266 MHz
Samsung M312L6420DG0-CB3(low profile) 266 MHz
Samsung M312L6420DT0-CB0(low profile) 266 MHz
Winbond W9425GARA-7 200 MHz
Winbond W9451HARA-7 200 MHz

64Mx72 (with 32Mx8 components)
Micron MT18VDDT6472DG-265B1 200 MHz
Mitsubishi MH64D72KLH-10 200 MHz
Samsung M312L6423DG0-CB3(low profile) 266 MHz
Samsung M383L6423BT0-CA0 200 MHz

128Mx72 (with stacked 64x4 components)
Hynix HYMD212G726AS4-H 266 MHz
Infineon HYS72D128320GBR-6-B(not stacked) 266 MHz
Infineon HYS72D128020GR-7-A 266 MHz
Infineon HYS72D128020GR-8 200 MHz
Infineon HYS72D128520GR-7-A(low profile) 266 MHz
Mitsubishi MH28D72KLG-10 200 MHz
Samsung M312L2828DT0-CB0(low profile) 266 MHz
Samsung M383L2828CT1-CA0 200 MHz

128Mx72 (with 36, 64Mx4 components)
Infineon HYS72D128320GBR-7-B(lo pro BGA) 266 MHz

128Mx72 (with 128Mx4 components)
Aved AMP383D2820MT3-CB0/s(lo profile) 266 MHz
Hynix HYMD512G726A4M-H(lo profile) 266 MHz

256Mx72 (with stacked 128Mx4 components)
Hynix HYMD525G726AS4M-H(low profile) 266 MHz
Samsung M312L5628MT0-CA0(low profile) 200 MHz

Qualified DDR DIMMs -- Module Makers

*DDR for ServerWorks platforms should be Registered, PC1600, CL=2, and
ECC. Registered DDR, PC2100, CL=2.5 is also functionall
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