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SGI Memory

We grant universities, schools and government agencies 30 days terms with a purchase order faxed to 408-716-2767.

1000 Series
2000 Series
2100 R100002100 R10000 
2200 R120002200 R12000 
2400 R100002400 R10000 
2400 R120002400 R12000 
2800 R100002800 R10000 
2800 R120002800 R12000 
Altix Series
Altix 330Altix 330 
Altix 350Altix 350 
Altix 450Altix 450 
Altix 3300Altix 3300 
Altix 3700Altix 3700 
Altix 3700 BX2Altix 3700 BX2 
Altix 4700Altix 4700 
Altix ICE 8200Altix ICE 8200 
Altix XE210Altix XE210 
Altix XE240Altix XE240 
Altix XE310Altix XE310 
Challenge Series
Challenge LChallenge L 
Challenge MChallenge M 
Challenge SChallenge S 
Challenge XLChallenge XL 
Indigo2 Series
Indigo2 High IMPACT (R10000)Indigo2 High IMPACT (R10000) 
Indigo2 IMPACT (R10000)Indigo2 IMPACT (R10000) 
Indigo2 IMPACT R44000Indigo2 IMPACT R44000 
Indigo2 Maximum IMPACT (R10000)Indigo2 Maximum IMPACT (R10000) 
Indigo2 Solid IMPACT (R10000)Indigo2 Solid IMPACT (R10000) 
Indy Series
Indy (R5000PC)Indy (R5000PC) 
Indy (R5000SC)Indy (R5000SC) 
IndySTUDIO (R5000SC)IndySTUDIO (R5000SC) 
IndySTUDIO Power Indigo Impact 2 (R4400)IndySTUDIO Power Indigo Impact 2 (R4400) 
IRIS Series
IRIS Indigo2 SeriesIRIS Indigo2 Series 
IRIS Indy SeriesIRIS Indy Series 
IRIS Power SeriesIRIS Power Series 
IRIS Crimson SeriesIRIS Crimson Series 
IRIS Indigo (R3000)IRIS Indigo (R3000) 
IRIS Indigo (R4000)IRIS Indigo (R4000) 
IRIS Studio (R5000SC)IRIS Studio (R5000SC) 
O2 Series
O2 R5000O2 R5000 
O2 (R5200)O2 (R5200) 
O2 R10000O2 R10000 
O2 R12000O2 R12000 
O2 RM5200O2 RM5200 
O2+ R12000AO2+ R12000A 
O2+ RM7000AO2+ RM7000A 
Octane Series
Octane R10000Octane R10000 
Octane R12000Octane R12000 
Octane2 R12000Octane2 R12000 
Octane2 R12000AOctane2 R12000A 
Octane2 R14000AOctane2 R14000A 
Octane Visual Workstation (RDRAM)Octane Visual Workstation (RDRAM) 
Onyx Series
Onyx 2 InfiniteReality DesksideOnyx 2 InfiniteReality Deskside 
Onyx 2 InfiniteReality Dual RackOnyx 2 InfiniteReality Dual Rack 
Onyx 2 InfiniteReality RackOnyx 2 InfiniteReality Rack 
Onyx 2 RealityMonsterOnyx 2 RealityMonster 
Onyx 2 Reality SeriesOnyx 2 Reality Series 
Onyx 4 UltimateVision Extreme SeriesOnyx 4 UltimateVision Extreme Series 
Onyx 4 UltimateVision Power SeriesOnyx 4 UltimateVision Power Series 
Onyx 4 UltimateVision Team SeriesOnyx 4 UltimateVision Team Series 
Onyx 300Onyx 300 
Onyx 350Onyx 350 
Onyx 3200Onyx 3200 
Onyx 3400Onyx 3400 
Onyx 3800Onyx 3800 
Onyx 3900Onyx 3900 
ONYX DesksideONYX Deskside 
ONYX Infinite RealityONYX Infinite Reality 
ONYX Reality Engine2ONYX Reality Engine2 
Origin Series
Origin 200 R10000Origin 200 R10000 
Origin 200 R12000Origin 200 R12000 
Origin 300Origin 300 
Origin 350Origin 350 
Origin 2000 R10000Origin 2000 R10000 
Origin 2000 R12000Origin 2000 R12000 
Origin 3200Origin 3200 
Origin 3400Origin 3400 
Origin 3800Origin 3800 
Origin 3900Origin 3900 
Personal IRIS Workstations Series
Personal IRIS Workstations 4D/20Personal IRIS Workstations 4D/20 
Personal IRIS Workstations 4D/25Personal IRIS Workstations 4D/25 
Personal IRIS Workstations 4D/30Personal IRIS Workstations 4D/30 
Personal IRIS Workstations 4D/35Personal IRIS Workstations 4D/35 
Power Series
Power Challenge DMPower Challenge DM 
Power Challenge DM (R10000)Power Challenge DM (R10000) 
Power Challenge LPower Challenge L 
Power Challenge L (R10000)Power Challenge L (R10000) 
Power Challenge XLPower Challenge XL 
Power Challenge XL (R10000)Power Challenge XL (R10000) 
POWER Indigo 2POWER Indigo 2 
POWER Indigo 2 IMPACT (R4400)POWER Indigo 2 IMPACT (R4400) 
POWER Indigo 2 IMPACT (R8000)POWER Indigo 2 IMPACT (R8000) 
Power Onyx Deskside/RackPower Onyx Deskside/Rack 
Professional IRIS Workstations Series
Professional IRIS Workstations 4D/40Professional IRIS Workstations 4D/40 
Professional IRIS Workstations 4D/50Professional IRIS Workstations 4D/50 
Professional IRIS Workstations 4D/70Professional IRIS Workstations 4D/70 
Professional IRIS Workstations 4D/80Professional IRIS Workstations 4D/80 
Professional IRIS Workstations 4D/85Professional IRIS Workstations 4D/85 
Tezro Visual Workstations Series
Tezro Visual Workstation (Dual Rack Mount)Tezro Visual Workstation (Dual Rack Mount) 
Tezro Visual Workstation (Single Rack Mount)Tezro Visual Workstation (Single Rack Mount) 
Tezro Visual Workstation (Tower)Tezro Visual Workstation (Tower) 
Visual Workstations
Visual Workstation 230Visual Workstation 230 
Visual Workstation 320 Pentium IIVisual Workstation 320 Pentium II 
Visual Workstation 320 Pentium IIIVisual Workstation 320 Pentium III 
Visual Workstation 330Visual Workstation 330 
Visual Workstation 540Visual Workstation 540 
Visual Workstation 550Visual Workstation 550 
Visual Workstation 750Visual Workstation 750 
Visual Workstation Zx10Visual Workstation Zx10 
Others Series
A/V Station 540A/V Station 540 
Fuel Visual WorkstationFuel Visual Workstation 
Fusion 1200Fusion 1200 
Fusion 1200MFusion 1200M 
Fusion 1200XFusion 1200X 
Graphics PrismGraphics Prism 
i-Station (R4400)i-Station (R4400) 
i-Station (R10000)i-Station (R10000) 
Modeling Station 320Modeling Station 320 
Modeling Station 540Modeling Station 540 
Publishing Station 320Publishing Station 320 
Reality Station (R4400)Reality Station (R4400) 
Reality Station (R10000)Reality Station (R10000) 
WebFORCE Origin 200WebFORCE Origin 200 
WebFORCE Origin 2000WebFORCE Origin 2000 
ZX10 ServerZX10 Server 
ZX10 VE Visual workstationZX10 VE Visual workstation 
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