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256MB Shuttle AB60 Mainboard PC3200 DDR400 nonECC DIMM (p/n SHTLE-256MB-DDR400D)

256MB Shuttle AB60 Mainboard PC3200 DDR400 nonECC DIMM (p/n SHTLE-256MB-DDR400D)

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  • Product Code:SHTLE-256MB-DDR400D_BNIAKF
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $5.98, 10/$50.00, 100/$399.00

256MB Shuttle AB60 Mainboard PC3200 DDR400 nonECC DIMM
  • Compatible with SHTLE-256MB-DDR400D.
  • This module may be manufactured by Micron, Samsung, Infineon, Hynix or Gigaram.
  • Specifications:
    Size - 256MB
    Pins - 184 pins
    ECC - no
    Registered - no
    Form Factor - DIMM
    3LC - BNI/AKF
  • The SHTLE-256MB-DDR400D carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Shuttle AB48P/N Motherboard (DDR-400MHz), AB60, AB60N, AB60/N Motherboard (DDR-400MHz), AB60P, AB60PN, AB60R, AB60/RS, AB60PN Mainboard (DDR-400MHz), AK37GT, AK37GTR, AK38, AK38N, AK39, AK39N (DDR-400MHz), AN35, AN35 Ultra, AN35-400, AN35N, AN35N Ultra, AN35N-400, AN50R, AN51, AN51R, AV40S-V3 Motherboard (non-ECC), AV47GR, AV47GT, AV49, AV49N, AV49P, AV49PN, AV49V, AV49VN, FB50, FB61, FB62, FB63, FB65, FB77, FB81, FB83, FB87, FN21, FN25, FN26, FN41, FN41U, FN45, FN45U, FN85, FN95, FS56, FS58, FS59, FT20, FT61, FT62, FX21, FX21V10, FX43, FX83, G5 2000 Desktop/PC, MT63, SB51G Neon, SB63G2 Motherboard, SB75H, SB75S Desktop, SK43G SE Motherboard, XPC G 2100, XPC G 2100h, XPC G 4300, XPC G 4300b, XPC G 4300H, XPC G 4500, XPC G 4500g, XPC G 5600, XPC G 5600b, XPC G 5690, XPC G 5900BA, XPC G 8300, XPC G 8300B, XPC G 8300g, XPC G 5900B, XPC G2 4100, XPC G2 4100b, XPC G2 4100H, XPC G2 4100HA, XPC G2 4100m, XPC G2 5800B, XPC G2 6100, XPC G2 6100B, XPC G2 6100M, XPC G2 8300B, XPC G4 6100, XPC G4 6100m, XPC G4 8500, XPC G4 8590, XPC G5 2000H, XPC G5 2000m, XPC G5 2090, XPC G5 2095, XPC G5 2100, XPC G5 2100G, XPC G5 2100H, XPC G5 9500G V2, XPC G5 9500H, XPC G5 8300b, XPC G5 8300G, XPC G5 8300H, XPC G5 8300MC, XPC G5 8370m, XPC G5 9500G, XPC G5 9500M, XPC G5 9570g, XPC I8600, XPC I 8600B, XPC K 6200, XPC K 6200b, XPC K 6200H, XPC K 6200m, XPC K 6270b, XPC L 5600H, XPC Media Center, XPC Neon Series, XPC P 2500, XPC P 2500g, XPC P2600, XPC P 2600G, XPC P 8100G, XPC P 8100H, XPC P 8100M, XPC SB61G2, XPC SB61G2 V3, XPC SB61G2B V3, XPC SB61G2R, XPC SB61G2 RefleXion 20th Anniversary, XPC SB62G2, XPC SB65G2 (non-ECC), XPC SB61G2 V4, XPC SB61GB2 V3, XPC SB75G2VP (non-ECC), XPC SB75GS, XPC SB75S Limited Edition(non-ECC), XPC SB77G5, XPC SB81P, XPC SB83G2B, XPC SB83G5, XPC SB86I, XPC SB87G5, XPC SK21G (DDR-400MHz), SK43G, XPC SK83G (DDR-400MHz), XPC SN21G5, XPC SN26P, XPC SN41G2, XPC SN41G2BV2, XPC SN41G2 V1, XPC SN41G2 V3, XPC SN45G, XPC SN45GD, XPC SN45G V1,XPC SN45GV2, XPC SN45G V3, XPC SN85G4, XPC SN85G4L, XPC SN85G4L V2, XPC XPC SN85G4 V1, SN85G4V2, XPC SN85G4V3, XPC SN95G5, XPC SN95G5 V1, XPC SN95G5 V2, XPC SN95G5 V3, XPC SS56G, XPC SS56L, XPC SS56G V1, XPC SS56G V2, XPC SS56G V3, XPC SS56L Limited Edition, XPC SS59G, XPC ST61G4, XPC ST61G4B, XPC ST61G4L, XPC ST61G4VP, XPC ST62K, XPC ST62KS, XPC ST64G4B.
  • 092907, 033108, 052908, 092308, 122408, 102309, 111909, 042910, 082710, 092110, 041111, 062112, 062512
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