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256MB Sony VAIO PC2-5300 DDR2-667 200-pin SDRAM SODIMM (p/n SONY-256MB-DDR2-667S)

256MB Sony VAIO PC2-5300 DDR2-667 200-pin SDRAM SODIMM (p/n SONY-256MB-DDR2-667S)

  • Brand:
  • Product Code:SONY-256MB-DDR2-667S_BOL
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $4.98

256MB Sony VAIO PC2-5300 DDR2-667 200-pin SDRAM SODIMM
  • Compatible with SONY-256MB-DDR2-667S.
  • This module may be manufactured by Micron, Samsung, Infineon, Hynix or Gigaram.
  • Specifications:
    Size - 256MB
    Pins - 200 pins
    ECC - no
    Registered - no
    Form Factor - SODIMM
    3LC - BOL
  • The SONY-256MB-DDR2-667S carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Sony VAIO PCG-7M1L, VGC-LA38G, VGC-LA38S, VGC-LB52B, VGC-LB52HB, VGC-LB62B/P, VGC-LB62B/W, VGC-LJ15G, VGC-LJ25G/B, VGC-LM1E, VGC-LM2E, VGC-LM18G, LM18G, VGC-LM28G, VGC-LS21N, VGC-LS25CE, VGC-LS35E, VGC-LS36N, VGC-LS37E, VGC-LT1M, VGC-LT1S, VGC-LT2S, VGC-LT15E, VGC-LT17N, VGC-LT18CE, VGC-LT18E, VGC-LT19, VGC-LT19U, VGC-LT20E, VGC-LT23E, VGC-LT25E, VGC-LT27N, VGC-LT28CE, VGC-LT28E, VGC-LT28G (DDR2-667MHz), VGC-LT29U, VGC-LT31N, VGC-LT33E, VGC-LT35E, VGC-LT37N, VGC-RM1N, VGN-A60P, VGN-A170 CTO, VGN-AR11B (DDR2-667MHz), AR11M (DDR2-667MHz), AR11S (DDR2-667MHz), AR18GP (DDR2-667MHz), AR21B (DDR2-667MHz), AR31E, AR31M, AR31S, AR38G (DDR2-667MHz), AR41E, AR41L, AR41M, AR41S, AR49G, VGN-AR51E, VGN-AR51J, VGN-AR51M, VGN-AR51SU, AR59GU, VGN-AR61E, VGN-AR61M, VGN-AR61S, VGN-AR61ZU, VGN-AR69GU (DDR2-667MHz), AR320E, AR350E, AR370, AR370N CTO, AR370N01, VGN-AR71E, VGN-AR71M, VGN-AR71S, VGN-AR71ZU, AR390E, AR520E, AR550E, AR550U, AR570 CTO, AR570N10, VGN-AR590CE, AR590E, VGN-AR610E, VGN-AR605E, VGN-AR630E, VGN-AR620E, VGN-AR650U, VGN-AR660U, VGN-AR670 (CTO), VGN-AR690U, VGN-AR690CU, VGN-AR705E/B, VGN-AR710B, VGN-AR710E/B, VGN-AR720B, VGN-AR720E, VGN-AR730B, VGN-AR730E, AR750B, AR750E, AR760B, AR760U, VGN-AR770 (CTO), VGN-AR770CU, AR770NA, VGN-AR770NB, VGN-AR770NC, AR790B, AR790U, VGN-AR830E/B, VGN-AR850E, VGN-AR870NA, VGN-AR870NB, VGN-AR870NC, VGN-AR890U/B, VGN-BX670P CTO, BX740 BTO, BX740N2, BX740N4, BX740NS1, BX740NS2, BX740NS3, BX740NW1, BX740NW2, BX740P1, BX740P2, BX740PS1, BX740PS2, BX740PS3, BX740PW1, BX740PW2, BX41VN, BX745FN, BX760N, BX760N1, BX760NS, BX760NS1, BX760P, BX760P1, BX760PS, BX760PS1, CR11GH/L, CR12GH/B, CR14GN/B, C15GPW (DDR2-667MHz), CR19VN/B, CR19XN/B, C21GH/W (DDR2-667MHz), CR23G/L, CR24G, CR24G/B, CR25G, CR25S, CR26GN/B, CR26GN, CR26MN, CR120E/L, CR120E/P, CR120E/R, CR120E/W, CR140E/B, VGN-CR140F/W, CR150E/B, VGN-CR160A, CR190 (CTO), CR190E/B, CR190E/L, CR190E/P, CR190E/R, CR190E/W, VGN-CS204J/R, VGN-CS204J/W, VGN-CR240F/W, VGN-CR260A/B, VGN-CR260A/L, VGN-CR260A/P, VGN-CR260A/R, VGN-CR260A/W, VGN-CR260F/B, VGN-CR260F/L, VGN-CR260F/P, VGN-CR260F/R, VGN-CR290EBL, VGN-CR307E/P, VGN-CR307E/W, VGN-CS13G/Q, VGN-CS140F/Q, VGN-CS140F/W, VGN-N27GH (DDR2-667MHz), VGN-NR21M/S, VGN-NR21S/S, VGN-NR21S/T, VGN-NR31J/S, VGN-NR32S/S, VGN-NR32Z/S, VGN-NR32Z/T, VGN-NR38GN, VGN-N51B (DDR2-667MHz), VGN-N51HB (DDR2-667MHz), VGN-NR145FN, VGN-NR160Q/S, VGN-NR180N/S, VGN-NR185E/S, VGN-NR185E/T, VGN-NR245FN, VGN-NR250AE, VGN-NR260AN, VGN-NR280E/S, VGN-NR280E/T, VGN-NR285DS, VGN-NR285E/S, VGN-NR285E/T, VGN-NR290E/S, VGN-NR350AE, VGN-NR350FE, VGN-NR360AN, VGN-NR385DS, VGN-NR385ES, VGN-NR398DS, VGN-NR398ES, VGN-NR475N/S, VGN-NR480E/S, VGN-NR485E/L, VGN-NR485E/S, VGN-NR485E/T, VGN-NR485E/W, VGN-NR490E/L, VGN-NR490E/P, VGN-NR498E/L, VGN-NR498E/P, VGN-NR498E/S, VGN-NR498E/T, VGN-NR498E/W, VGN-NS10E/S, VGN-NS10L/S, VGN-NS11E/S, VGN-NS20E/P, VGN-NS20E/S, VGN-NS21E/S, VGN-NS21M/P, VGN-NS21M/W, VGN-NS31EH/S, VGN-NS110E/L, VGN-NS110E/S, VGN-NS110E/W, VGN-NS110FH, VGN-NS120FH, VGN-NS130E/L, VGN-NS130E/S, VGN-NS130E/W, VGN-NS130FE, VGN-NS135E/L, VGN-NS135E/S, VGN-NS135E/W, VGN-NS160E/S, VGN-NS210E/L, VGN-NS210E/P, VGN-NS210E/S, VGN-NS210E/W, VGN-NS220J/L, VGN-NS220J/P, VGN-NS220J/S, VGN-NS220J/W, VGN-NS220TH, VGN-NS230DP, VGN-NS230DW, VGN-NS230E/L, VGN-NS230E/P, VGN-NS230E/S, VGN-NS230E/W, VGN-NS235J/L, VGN-NS235J/P, VGN-NS235J/S, VGN-NS235J/W, VGN-NW215T, FE24SP (DDR2-667MHz), FE25GP (DDR2-667MHz), FE28GP (DDR2-667MHz), FE41E, FE41M, FE41S, FE41Z, FE44S/W, FE45G/W, FE47S/H, FE48E, FE48G/H, FE48M, FE53B/W, FE830FE, FE855E/H, FE865E/H, FE870E/H, FE870QE, FE880E/H, FE890 CTO (DDR2-667MHz), VGN-FE890EB, VGN-FE890EG, VGN-FE890ER, VGN-FE890EW, VGN-FE890N/H, FZ11E, FZ11L, FZ11M, FZ11S, FZ11Z, FZ15G, VGN-FZ15T, VGN-FZ18G, VGN-FZ18L, VGN-FZ21E, VGN-FZ21M, VGN-FZ21S, VGN-FZ21Z, VGN-FZ25G, FZ25GN, FZ27G, VGN-FZ28G, VGN-FZ31M, VGN-FZ31S, VGN-FZ31Z, VGN-FZ32G, VGN-FZ35G, VGN-FZ35GN, FZ37G, FZ38GU, VGN-FZ38M, VGN-FZ39VN, VGN-FZ50B, VGN-FZ70B, FZ130E/B, FZ140E/B, FZ140N/B, FZ140QE, FZ145E/B, FZ150E/BC, VGN-FZ150FE, FZ160E/B, FZ17G, FZ180U/B, FZ18E, FZ18M, FZ180E/B, FZ190, FZ190E, VGN-FZ190E1, VGN-FZ190E2, VGN-FZ190EB, VGN-FZ190FE, VGN-FZ190N, FZ190N1, VGN-FZ190N2, VGN-FZ190N3, VGN-FZ190N4, VGN-FZ190N5, FZ19VN, FZ190N1, FZ210CE, FZ220B, FZ220E, VGN-FZ220UB, VGN-FZ230E/B, FZ240E/B, FZ240N/B, VGN-FZ240QB, VGN-FZ250AE, VGN-FZ250EB, VGN-FZ250FE, FZ260E/B, VGN-FZ280E, VGN-FZ280EB, VGN-FZ283BN, FZ285U/B, VGN-FZ290 (CTO), FZ290E, FZ290EBB, FZ290EBW, VGN-FZ290EGB, VGN-FZ290EGC, VGN-FZ290EGE, VGN-FZ290EGS, VGN-FZ320E/B, FZ323G, FZ340B, FZ340E, VGN-FZ340N/B, VGN-FZ345DB, VGN-FZ345EB, VGN-FZ348E/B, VGN-FZ350AE, VGN-FZ390AU, VGN-FZ390EAB, FZ390EBB, VGN-FZ390ECB, VGN-FZ390FU, FZ410E/B, VGN-FZ440EB, VGN-FZ445DB, FZ470B, FZ470E, VGN-FZ480EB, VGN-FZ485U/B, FZ490EAB, VGN-FZ490NAB, VGN-FZ490NBB, VGN-FZ490NCB, VGN-FZ490NDB, VGN-FZ490NFB, VGN-FZ490NGB, VGN-FZ4000 CTO, N11M/W (DDR2-667MHz), NR11S/S, NR11Z/S, N31S/W, N31Z/W, NR17G, NR160E/S, NR160E/T, NR160E/W, NR160N/S, NR180E/S, NR180E/T, NR185E/W, NR270N/S, NR280E/W, NR290E/T, NR295N/S, NR298E/S, SZ1HP/B (DDR2-667MHz), SZ1HRP/B (DDR2-667MHz), SZ1VP/C (DDR2-667MHz), SZ1XP/C (DDR2-667MHz), SZ1XRP/C (DDR2-667MHz), SZ2HP/B (DDR2-667MHz), SZ2HRP/B (DDR2-667MHz), SZ2M/B (DDR2-667MHz), SZ2VP (DDR2-667MHz), SZ2VP/X (DDR2-667MHz), SZ2XP/C (DDR2-667MHz), SZ2XRP/C (DDR2-667MHz), SZ25GP (DDR2-667MHz), SZ28GP (DDR2-667MHz), SZ55GN/B, SZ56GNB, SZ58GN/C, SZ433N/B (DDR2-667MHz), SZ440 CTO, SZ460N/C, SZ480 CTO, SZ583NC, SZ640 (CTO), SZ640N/B, SZ645P2, SZ645PA, SZ650N/C, SZ660N/C, SZ670N/C, SZ680 BTO, SZ680 (CTO), SZ680ND, SZ691N/X, SZ730E/C, SZ740N1, SZ740N4, SZ750N/C, SZ760N/C, SZ770C, SZ770N, SZ780, SZ780N1, SZ780N7, SZ780N8, SZ791N, SZ791X, TX3HP/W (DDR2-667MHz), TX3XP (DDR2-667MHz), TX3XP/B (DDR2-667MHz), TX3XP/L (DDR2-667MHz), VGN-BX740N1, VGN-BX740N3, VGN-BX740NS4, VGN-BX740NS5, VGN-BX740NS6, VGN-BX740NSA, VGN-BX740P4, VGN-BX740P5, VGN-BX740PS4, VGN-BX740PS5, VGN-BX740PS6, VGN-BX740PSA, VGN-BX740PW3, VGN-BX760N2, VGN-BX760N3, VGN-BX760N4, VGN-BX760N5, VGN-BX760NS2, VGN-BX760NS3, VGN-BX760NS4, VGN-BX760NS5, VGN-BX760NSA, VGN-BX760P2, VGN-BX760P3, VGN-BX760P4, VGN-BX760P5, VGN-BX760PS2, VGN-BX760PS3, VGN-BX760PS4, VGN-BX760PS5, VGN-BX760PS6, VGN-BX760PSA, VGN-BX761NA, VGN-C22GH/B (DDR2-667MHz), VGN-C25G/G (DDR2-667MHz), VGN-CR11GH/B, VGN-CR13G/B, VGN-CR13S, VGN-CR21S/L, , VGN-CR21S/P, VGN-CR21S/W, VGN-CR21Z/N, VGN-CR21Z/R, VGN-CR22G/B (DDR2-667MHz), VGN-CR22G/W, VGN-CR23G/B, VGN-CR23G/N, VGN-CR23G/P, VGN-CR23G/R, VGN-CR23G/W, VGN-CR23S/B, VGN-CR25G/N, VGN-CR25GB, VGN-CR25GL, VGN-CR25GP, VGN-CR25GR, VGN-CR25GW, VGN-CR25S/B, VGN-CR29B, VGN-CR29XN, VGN-CR31E, VGN-CR31L, VGN-CR31P, VGN-CR31W, VGN-CR31S, VGN-CR31Z/N, VGN-CR31Z/R, VGN-CR32GB, VGN-CR32GW, VGN-CR34GNB, VGN-CR35GB, VGN-CR35GL, VGN-CR35GN, VGN-CR35GP, VGN-CR35GR, VGN-CR35GT, VGN-CR35GW, VGN-CR37GN, VGN-CR42S/B, VGN-CR42S/L, VGN-CR42S/P, VGN-CR42S/W, VGN-CR42Z/N, VGN-CR42Z/R, VGN-CR115E/P, VGN-CR116E/P, VGN-CR123E/B, VGN-CR125E/B, VGN-CR203E/N, VGN-CR205E/P, VGN-CR205E/W, VGN-CR210E/L, VGN-CR215E/B, VGN-CR220E/L, VGN-CR220E/N, VGN-CR220E/P, VGN-CR220E/R, VGN-CR220E/W, VGN-CR220QP, CR220QW, CR225E/L, VGN-CR231E/R, VGN-CR240E/B, VGN-CR240NB, VGN-CR290 (CTO), VGN-CR290C, VGN-CR290EAL, VGN-CR290EAN, VGN-CR290EAP, VGN-CR290EAR, VGN-CR290EAW, VGN-CR290EBR, VGN-CR343N, VGN-CR353/B, VGN-CR353/L, VGN-CR353/N, VGN-CR353/P, VGN-CR353/Q, VGN-CR353/R, VGN-CR353/S, VGN-CR353/T, VGN-CR353/W, VGN-CR357, VGN-CR360A/L, VGN-CR360A/P, VGN-CR360A/R, VGN-CR360A/T, VGN-CR360A/W, VGN-CR360F/B, VGN-CR360F/L, VGN-CR360F/P, VGN-CR360F/R, VGN-CR360F/T, VGN-CR363T, VGN-CR390E/B, VGN-CR390ECB, VGN-CR390EDB, VGN-CR390N/B, VGN-CR390NAB, VGN-CR405E/P, VGN-CR407E/P, VGN-CR407E/R, VGN-CR408E/B, VGN-CR410E/L, VGN-CR410E/N, VGN-CR410E/P, VGN-CR410E/R, VGN-CR410E/T, VGN-CR410E/W, VGN-CR415E/B, VGN-CR420DP, VGN-CR420DW, VGN-CR420E, VGN-CR420E/N, VGN-CR420E/P, VGN-CR420E/R, VGN-CR420E/W, VGN-CR420ET, VGN-CR420L, VGN-CR440F, VGN-CR460A/L, VGN-CR460A/P, VGN-CR460A/R, VGN-CR460A/W, VGN-CR460F/L, VGN-CR460F/P, VGN-CR460F/R, VGN-CR490EBL, VGN-CR490EBN, VGN-CR490EBP, VGN-CR490EBR, VGN-CR490EBT, VGN-CR490EBW, VGN-CR490NB, VGN-CR490NC, VGN-CR490ND, VGN-CR507E/P, VGN-CR507E/R, VGN-CR509E/Q, VGN-CR510E/J, VGN-CR510E/L, VGN-CR510E/N, VGN-CR510E/P, VGN-CR510E/Q, VGN-CR510E/R, VGN-CR510E/T, VGN-CR510E/W, VGN-CR515E/B, VGN-CR4000 CTO, VGN-SR590FHB, VGN-SR590GJB, VGN-SR590GLB, VGN-SR590GMB, VGN-SR590GNB, VGN-SR590GPB, VGN-SR590GRB, VGN-SR590GSB, VGN-SR590GXB, VGN-SZ51B/B (DDR2-667MHz), VGN-SZ55B/B, VGN-SZ55SN/B, VGN-SZ56GN/B (DDR2-667MHz), VGN-SZ61VN/X, VGN-SZ61XN/C, VGN-SZ71B/B (DDR2-667MHz), VGN-SZ71E/B, VGN-SZ71MN/B, VGN-SZ71VN/X, VGN-SZ71WN/C, VGN-SZ71XN/C, VGN-SZ75GN/B, VGN-SZ76GNB, VGN-SZ79GN/C, VGN-SZ453N/B (DDR2-667MHz), VGN-SZ483N/C (DDR2-667MHz), VGN-SZ645P1, VGN-SZ645P3, VGN-SZ645P4, VGN-SZ645PB, VGN-SZ670AN, VGN-SZ670FN, VGN-SZ680N03, VGN-SZ680N06, VGN-SZ740 (CTO), VGN-SZ740N2, VGN-SZ740N3, VGN-SZ740N5, VGN-SZ740N6, VGN-SZ740N7, VGN-SZ770AN, VGN-SZ780CN, VGN-SZ780DN, VGN-SZ780N2, VGN-SZ780N3, VGN-SZ780N4, VGN-SZ780N5, VGN-SZ780N6, VGN-SZ780NW, VGN-TZ11MN/N, VGN-TZ11VN/X, VGN-TZ11XN/B, VGN-TZ15AN, VGN-TZ15FN, VGN-TZ16GN/B, VGN-TZ16SN/B, VGN-TZ17GN, TZ17GN/B, VGN-TZ17SN/B, VGN-TZ18GN/X, VGN-TZ21MN/N, TZ27GN/B, VGN-TZ27GNN, VGN-TZ28GN/X, VGN-TZ45FN, VGN-TZ170CB, VGN-TZ170CN, VGX-TP1E, VGX-TP1G, VGX-TP20E/B, VGX-TP20E/W, VGX-TP25B, VGX-TP25E, VPCM11M1E/B, VPCM12M1E/L, VPCM12M1E/P, VPCM12M1E/W, VPCM13M1E/L, VPCM13M1E/P, VPCM13M1E/W, VPCW21Z1E/L, VPCW211ADT, VPCW211AX/L, VPCW211AX/W, VPCW218AG/L, VPCW221AX.
  • 022809, 030909, 031009, 031209, 031709, 032009, 032709, 040309, 041009, 041709, 051109, 052209, 061509, 061809, 082409, 083109, 090809, 901409, 092109, 092809, 110209, 111609, 112309, 120109, 120709, 021710, 022410, 032510, 051010, 051210, 063010, 090910, 112910, 120110, 011711, 021011, 022511, 031011, 040711, 051811, 051911, 061711, 110111, 110811, 112211, 080112, 080812, 053013
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