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256MB Soltek Motherboard PC133 SDRAM DIMM (p/n SOLTEK-256-PC133-D)

256MB Soltek Motherboard PC133 SDRAM DIMM (p/n SOLTEK-256-PC133-D)

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  • Product Code:SOLTEK-256-PC133-D_ACJ
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Price: $9.98

256MB Soltek Motherboard PC133 SDRAM DIMM
  • SOLTEK-256-PC133-D
  • This module may be manufactured by Micron, Infineon, Samsung, Elpida, Toshiba, Hynix, Kingston, Viking, or MemoryTen depending on availability. This module is in stock and can ship today. This module may be refurbished depending on availability.
  • 256MB 168pin PC133 Gold-Lead 3.3v SDRAM DIMM.
  • The SOLTEK-256-PC133-D carries a MemoryTen Lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Soltek SL-55F5 Motherboard, SL-56D1 Motherboard (non-ECC), SL-56D5 Motherboard (non-ECC), SL-61D Motherboard, SL-62C Motherboard, SL-63AV+ Motherboard, SL-65DV2 Motherboard, SL-65DVB Motherboard, SL-65EB Motherboard, SL-65EIP Motherboard, SL-65EP Motherboard, SL-65EP+ Motherboard, SL-65EP+-T Motherboard, SL-65EP-T Motherboard, SL-65EP2 Motherboard, SL-65EP2+ Motherboard, SL-65EP2B Motherboard, SL-65FVB Motherboard, SL-65H30 Motherboard, SL-65H60 Motherboard, SL-65H64 Motherboard, SL-65JVB Motherboard, SL-65JVB-X Motherboard, SL-65KIV Motherboard (non-ECC), SL-65KIV2 Motherboard (non-ECC), SL-65KIV2-T Motherboard, SL-65KV Motherboard, SL-65KV2-CT Motherboard, SL-65KV2-T Motherboard, SL-65KV2 Motherboard, SL-65KVB Motherboard, SL-65LIV Motherboard, SL-65LIV-T Motherboard, SL-65ME Motherboard, SL-65ME+ Motherboard, SL-65ME+-T Motherboard, SL-65ME-T Motherboard, SL-65ME2 Motherboard, SL-65ME2+ Motherboard, SL-65ME2B Motherboard, SL-65MIE Motherboard, SL-65MIV Motherboard, SL-65MIV-C Motherboard, SL-65MIV2 Motherboard, SL-65MV Motherboard, SL-65MV-X Motherboard, SL-67EB+ Motherboard, SL-67EV1 Motherboard, SL-67EZ Motherboard, SL-67FV1+ Motherboard, SL-67G30+ Motherboard, SL-67G60+ Motherboard, SL-67G64+ Motherboard, SL-67JV Motherboard, SL-68C Motherboard (non-ECC), SL-68C+ Motherboard (non-ECC), SL-75JV Motherboard, SL-75JV-X Motherboard, SL-75JV2 Motherboard, SL-75KAV Motherboard, SL-75KAV-X Motherboard, SL-75KIV Motherboard, SL-75KV Motherboard, SL-75KV+ Motherboard, SL-75KV-X Motherboard, SL-75KV+-X Motherboard, SL-75KV2 Motherboard, SL-75KV2-X Motherboard, SL-75LIV Motherboard, SL-75MAV Motherboard, SL-75MIV Motherboard, SL-77KV Motherboard, SL-77KVB Motherboard, SL-77KVB-X Motherboard, SL-85LD Motherboard, SL-85LD-L Motherboard, SL-85LD2 Motherboard, SL-85LD2-L Motherboard, SL-85SD Motherboard, SL-85SD+ Motherbaord, SL-85SD-C Motherboard, SL-85SD-X Motherboard, SL-85SDB Motherboard, SL-85SDB-X Motherboard, SL-85SID Motherboard.
  • 082907, 061708, 102308, 071111
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