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1GB SuperMicro DDR2-667 Registered ECC DIMM (p/n MEM-DR210L-CL02-ER6)

1GB SuperMicro DDR2-667 Registered ECC DIMM (p/n MEM-DR210L-CL02-ER6)

  • Brand:
  • Product Code:MEM-DR210L-CL02-ER6_BTC
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $9.98, 10/$90.00, 100/$800.00

1GB SuperMicro DDR2-667 Registered ECC DIMM
  • Compatible with MEM-DR210L-CL02-ER6.
  • This module may be manufactured by Micron, Samsung, Infineon, Hynix or Gigaram. This is stock and can be ship today.
  • Specifications:
    Size - 1GB
    Pins - 240 pins
    ECC - yes
    Registered - yes
    Form Factor - DIMM
    3LC - BTC
  • Install this in pairs.
  • The MEM-DR210L-CL02-ER6 carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with SuperMicro A+ Server 1021M-82 Server (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 1021M-T2 Server (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 1021M-T2R Server (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 1021M-UR Server, A+ Server 1041A-T2F (DDR2-667MHz), 1041M-82 Server (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 1041M-T2 Server (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 2021A-32R+F (DDR2-667MHz), 2021M-32R Server (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 2021M-82R+V Server (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 2021M-T2R+V Server (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 2021M-UR Server (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 2021M-UR+B (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 2021M-UR+V (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 2041M-T2R+B (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 2041M-32R+B (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 4021GA-62R+F (DDR2-667MHz), 4021M-82R+ Server (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 4021M-T2R+ Server (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 4041M-32R+B (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 4041M-32R+B Server (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server AS1021M-82B (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server AS1021M-82V (AS-1021M-82V) (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server AS1021M-T2B (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server AS1021M-T2RB (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server AS1021M-T2+V (AS-1021M-T2+V) (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server AS1021M-T2V (AS-1021M-T2V) (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 1021M-UR+B, A+ Server 1021M-UR+V, A+ Server AS1041M-82 (AS-1041M-82) (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server AS1041M-T2 (AS-1041M-T2) (DDR2-667MHz), A+ SERVER AS-1041M-T2+B (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server AS4021M-32R (AS-4021M-32R) (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 2021M-32RB, A+ SERVER AS-2021M-32RB (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 2021M-32RV, A+ Server AS2021M-82R+V (AS-2021M-82R+V) (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server AS2021M-T2R+V (AS-2021M-T2R+V) (DDR2-667MHz), A+ SERVER AS-2021M-82R+B (DDR2-667MHz), A+ SERVER AS-2041M-32R+B (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server 4021M-32R, A+ Server 4021M-32RB, A+ Server AS4021M-82R+ (AS-4021M-82R+) (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server AS4021M-T2R+ (AS-4021M-T2R+) (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server AS4041M-82R (AS-4041M-82R) (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Server AS4041M-T2R (AS-4041M-T2R) (DDR2-667MHz), A+ Workstation AW4021A-T2 (AW-4021A-T2) (DDR2-667MHz), AW-4021A-T2B (DDR2-667MHz), B7DC3 Motherboard, B7DC3-IB Motherboard, B7DCL Motherboard, BHDME Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), BHQME Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8DA6+ (DDR2-667MHz), H8DA6+-F (DDR2-667MHz), H8DA8-2 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8DAE-2 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8DA3-2 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8DAi+ (DDR2-667MHz), H8DAi+-F (DDR2-667MHz), H8DIi+-F (DDR2-667MHz), H8DAI-2 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8DI3+ Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8DI3+-F Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8QI6+-F Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8QI6-F Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8QIi-F Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8DIi+ Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8QIi+-F Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8DM3-2 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8QM3-2+ MOTHERBOARDS (DDR2-667MHz), H8DM8-2 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8DME-2 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8DMI-2 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8DMR-82 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8DMR-i2 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8DMT Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8DMT-F Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8DMT-IBX Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8DMT-IBXF Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8DMT-INF+ Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8DMT+ Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8QM3-2 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8QM8-2 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8QM8-2+ Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8QME-2+ Motherboard (DDR2-67MHz), H8QMI-2 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), H8QMI-2+ MOTHERBOARDS (DDR2-667MHz), SuperServer 1025TC-3FB (DDR2-667MHz), 6015C-M3 (DDR2-667MHz), 6015C-MT (Beige) (DDR2-667MHz), 6015C-MTB (Black) (DDR2-667MHz), 6015C-NI (DDR2-667MHz), 6015C-NIB (DDR2-667MHz), 6015C-NTB (DDR2-667MHz), 6015C-NTRB (DDR2-667MHz), 6015C-NTRV (DDR2-667MHz), 6015C-NTV (DDR2-667MHz), 6015C-UB (DDR2-667MHz), 6015C-URB (DDR2-667MHz), 6015C-URV (DDR2-667MHz), 6015C-UV (DDR2-667MHz), 6015TC-LFTB (DDR2-667MHz), 6015TC-T (DDR2-667MHz), 6015TC-TB (DDR2-667MHz), 6025C-UR (DDR2-667MHz), 6025C-URB (DDR2-667MHz), 7045A-C3B (DDR2-667MHz), 7045A-CTB (DDR2-667MHz), AS-1021M-82B Server (DDR2-667MHz), AS-1021M-T2+B Server (DDR2-667MHz), AS-1021M-T2+V Server (DDR2-667MHz), AS-1021M-T2B Server (DDR2-667MHz), AS-1021M-T2RB Server (DDR2-667MHz), AS-1021M-T2RV Server (DDR2-667MHz), AS-1021M-UR+B Server (DDR2-667MHz), AS-1021M-UR+V Server (DDR2-667MHz), AS-1041M-82B Server (DDR2-667MHz), AS-1041M-T2B Server (DDR2-667MHz), Processor Blade SBA-7121M-T1 Blade, Processor Blade SBA-7141A-T (DDR2-667MHz), Processor Blade SBI-7125C-S3 Blade, Processor Blade SBI-7425C-S3 Blade, SuperBlade SBA-7141M-T (DDR2-667MHz), SBI-7125C-S3E (DDR2-667MHz), SBI-7125C-T3 (DDR2-667MHz), SuperServer 1025C-URB (DDR2-667MHz), SuperServer 1025TC-TB Server, X7DCA-3 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), X7DCA-i Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), X7DCA-L Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), X7DCT Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), X7DCT-3 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), X7DCT-3F Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), X7DCT-10G Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), X7DCT-L Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), X7DCT-LF Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), X7DCU Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), X7DCT-3IBXF Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), X7DCX Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz).
  • 012308, 022008, 031208, 032608, 043008, 050708, 051208, 051608, 052908, 061908, 062708, 071508, 092208, 121808, 122408, 123108, 012209, 012809, 060309, 061009, 070109, 071609, 111009, 112509, 120209, 012010, 041811, 071912, 110712, 123112
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