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2GB Supermicro H8DCE Motherboard PC2100 ECC Registered Memory (p/n SUPERM-2GB-PC2100-R)

2GB Supermicro H8DCE Motherboard PC2100 ECC Registered Memory (p/n SUPERM-2GB-PC2100-R)

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  • Product Code:SUPERM-2GB-PC2100-R_AGEAIK
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $29.98, 10/$250.00, 100/$1,999.00

2GB Supermicro H8DCE Motherboard PC2100 ECC Registered Memory
  • KVR266X72RC25L/2G
  • This kit may be manufactured by Mosel, Samsung, Micron, Apacer, Transcend, LEI, Infineon, or Netlist depending on availability. This kit is in stock and can ship today.
  • 2GB PC2100 DDR266 Registered ECC 184pin, 36 chip DIMM, 6 layer PCB Low Profile.
  • 133 MHz Clock, 266 MHz data rate
  • The SUPERM-2GB-PC2100-R carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Supermicro H8DCE Motherboard (DDR266-MHz), H8DCE-HTE Motherboard (DDR266-MHz), H8DCR-3 Motherboard (DDR266-MHz), H8DCR-I Motherboard (DDR266-MHz), i2DML-8G2, i2DML-iG2, i2DMR-8G2, i2DMR-iG2, P4DLR, P4DLR+, P4DPi-G2, P4DPL-8GM, P4DPL-iGM, P4DPL-M, P4DME-M, P4DMS-6GM, P4DPE, P4DPE-G2, P4DL6, P4DP6, P4DP8-G2, P4DPR, P4DPR+, P4DPR-6GM+, P4DPR-8G2+, P4DPR-iGM, P4DPR-IG2 (OEM), P4QH6, P4QH8 Motherboards, SUPER I2DML-8G2, I2DMR-IG2, P4DP6-Q, P4DPE Motherboard, P4DPL-M, P4DPR, P4DPR-IG2+, X5DPL-TGM, X5DPR-8G2, X5DPR-IG2, X6DAE-G Motherboard (PC2100), X6DAI-G Motherboard (PC2100), X6DAL-G Motherboard (PC2100), X6DAL-TG Motherboard (PC2100), X6DAL-XG Motherboard (PC2100), X6DAL-XTG Motherboard (PC2100), X6DAR-8G Motherboard (PC2100), X6DAR-IG Motherboard (PC2100), X6DH6-X8 Motherboard (PC2100), X6DH8-G Motherboard, X6DH8-XB Motherboard, X6DHE-G Motherboard (PC2100), X6DHP-8G Motherboard (PC2100), X6DHR-iB Motherboard (PC2100), X6DHR-IG Motherboard (PC2100), X6DHR-TB Motherboard (PC2100), X6DHR-TG Motherboard, X6DHR-8G Motherboard (PC2100), X6DHP-IG Motherboard (PC2100), X6DHT-G Motherboard (PC2100), X6DVA-4G Motherboard, X6DVA-EG Motherboard, X6DVL-EG Motherboard (PC2100), X6DVL-G Motherboard (PC2100), X6VA-4G Motherboard, SuperBarebone 613A-Xi, 613P-Xi, SuperServer 613A-Xi (SB-613A-Xi-B), SuperServer 613P-Xi (SB-613P-Xi-B), 2020A-8R (AS-2020A-8R)(DDR-266MHz), 6012L-6 (SYS-6012-L6), 6012L-6B, 6012P-6 (SYS-6012-P6), 6012P-6B, 6012P-8 (SYS-6012-P8), 6012P-8B, 6012P-i (SYS-6012-Pi), 6012P-iB, 6013A-T (SYS-6013-AT), 6013A-TB, 6013L-8 (SYS-6013-L8), 6013L-8B, 6013P-8 (SYS-6013-P8), 6013P-8B (SYS-6013P-8B), 6013P-8+ (SYS-6013-P8+), 6013P-8+B, 6013P-i (SYS-6013-Pi), 6013P-iB, 6013P-T (SYS-6013-PT), 6013P-TB, 6014A-8 (SYS-6014A-8) PC2100, 6014H-8 (SYS-6014H-8) PC2100, 6014H-8B (SYS-6014H-8B) (DDR266-MHz), 6014H-T (SYS-6014H-T), 6014H-X8 (SYS-6014H-X8) PC2100, 6014H-X8B (SYS-6014H-X8B) (DDR266-MHz), 6014H-Xi (SYS-6014H-Xi) PC2100, 6014P-8 (SYS-6014P-8) PC2100, 6014P-8R (SYS-6014P-8R) PC2100, 6014P-T (SYS-6014P-T) PC2100, 6014P-TR (SYS-6014P-TR) PC2100, 6014V-M4 (SYS-6014V-M4) PC2100, 6022L-6 (SYS-6022-L6), 6022L-6B (DDR-266MHz), 6022P-6 (SYS-6022-P6), 6022P-6B (DDR-266MHz), 6022P-8 (SYS-6022-P8), 6022P-8B (DDR-266MHz), 6022P-8R (SYS-6022-P8R), 6022P-8RB (DDR-266MHz), 6022P-i (SYS-6022-Pi), 6022P-IB (DDR-266MHz), 6023L-8R (SYS-6023-L8R), 6023L-8RB (DDR-266MHz), 6023P-8 (SYS-6023-P8), 6023P-8B (DDR-266MHz), 6023P-8R (SYS-6023-P8R), 6023P-8RB (DDR-266MHz), 6023P-i (SYS-6023-Pi), 6024H-I (SYS-6024H-I) PC2100, 6033P-8R, 6033P-8RB, 6113L-8 (SYS-6113L-8), 6113L-i, 6113M-8 (SYS-6113M-8), 6113M-i (SYS-6113M-i), 6123L-8R (SYS-6123L-8R), 6123L-iR (SYS-6123L-iR), 7042P-8R (SYS-7042-P8R), 7042M-6 (SYS-7042-M6), 7042M-6B, 7042S-iB, 7043M-6 (SYS-7043-M6), 7043M-6B, 7044H-TB (DDR-266MHz), SuperServer 7043M-8 (SYS-7043-M8), 7043M-8B, 7043P-8R (SYS-7043-P8R), supmxdj128 supmdj256 supmdj512 supmdj1024 supmxdj102420 supmxdj2048 supmxdj4096, 8042-6 (SYS-8042-6), 8042-8 (SYS-8042-8), 8052-6, 8052-8, SuperWorkstation 7033A-T (SYS-7033A-T), 7034A-i (DDR266-MHz), 7034A-iB (DDR-266MHz), 7043A-8R (SYS-7043-A8R), 7043A-i (SYS-7043-Ai), 7043L-8RB, 7044A-iB (DDR-266MHz), 7044A-8B (DDR-266MHz), AS-1020A-8 Server (DDR-266MHz), AS-1020A-8B Server (DDR-266MHz), AS-1020A-T Server (DDR-266MHz), AS-1020A-TB Server (DDR-266MHz), AS-1020C-3B Server (DDR-266MHz), AS-1020P-TRB Server (DDR-266MHz), AS-1020S-8B Server (DDR-266MHz), X5DAL-G, X5DAL-TG2, X5DLR-8G2, X5DLR-8G2+, X5DMS-6GM, X5DMS-8GM, X5DP6-G2, X5DP8-G2, X5DPA-8GG, X5DPA-G, X5DPA-GG, X5DPA-TGM, X5DPA-TGM+ Motherboard, X5DPE-G2, X5DPi-G2, X5DPL-8GM, X5DPL-iGM, X5DPR-TG2, X5DPR-8G2+, X5DPR-iG2+, X5DPR-TG2+.
  • 012508, 042308, 052208, 101308, 110508, 121708, 122408, 021109, 101309, 122109, 122309, 062810, 050911
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