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P5M Series
P5M3-A+ MotherboardP5M3-A+ Motherboard 
P5M4-A MotherboardP5M4-A Motherboard 
P5M4-B MotherboardP5M4-B Motherboard 
P5M4-M Motherboard (ECC)P5M4-M Motherboard (ECC) 
P5M4-M Motherboard (non-ECC)P5M4-M Motherboard (non-ECC) 
P5M4-M+ MotherboardP5M4-M+ Motherboard 
P5MVP-A4 Motherboard (DIMM)P5MVP-A4 Motherboard (DIMM) 
P5MVP-A4 Motherboard (SIMM)P5MVP-A4 Motherboard (SIMM) 
P5MVP-B4 MotherboardP5MVP-B4 Motherboard 
P5MVP3-A4 Motherboard (DIMM)P5MVP3-A4 Motherboard (DIMM) 
P5MVP3-A4 Motherboard (SIMM)P5MVP3-A4 Motherboard (SIMM) 
P5MVP3-B4 MotherboardP5MVP3-B4 Motherboard 
P5T Series
P5T30-A4 Motherboard (DIMM)P5T30-A4 Motherboard (DIMM) 
P5T30-A4 Motherboard (SIMM)P5T30-A4 Motherboard (SIMM) 
P5T30-B4 Motherboard (DIMM)P5T30-B4 Motherboard (DIMM) 
P5T30-B4 Motherboard (SIMM)P5T30-B4 Motherboard (SIMM) 
P5T30-B4E MotherboardP5T30-B4E Motherboard 
P5T30-WS MotherboardP5T30-WS Motherboard 
P6B Series
P6B40-A4X MotherboardP6B40-A4X Motherboard 
P6B40-A4Z MotherboardP6B40-A4Z Motherboard 
P6B40D-A5 MotherboardP6B40D-A5 Motherboard 
P6BX-A MotherboardP6BX-A Motherboard 
P6BX-AN MotherboardP6BX-AN Motherboard 
P6E Series
P6E40-A4 MotherboardP6E40-A4 Motherboard 
P6E40-M3 Motherboard (EDO)P6E40-M3 Motherboard (EDO) 
P6E40-M3 Motherboard (SDRAM)P6E40-M3 Motherboard (SDRAM) 
P6E40-MS3 Motherboard (EDO)P6E40-MS3 Motherboard (EDO) 
P6E40-MS3 Motherboard (SDRAM)P6E40-MS3 Motherboard (SDRAM) 
P6F Series
P6F40-A4 Motherboard (SIMM)P6F40-A4 Motherboard (SIMM) 
P6F40-B5 Motherboard (SIMM)P6F40-B5 Motherboard (SIMM) 
P6F40K-A5 Motherboard (SIMM)P6F40K-A5 Motherboard (SIMM) 
P6L Series
P6L40-A4 MotherboardP6L40-A4 Motherboard 
P6L40-A4E MotherboardP6L40-A4E Motherboard 
P6L40-A4X MotherboardP6L40-A4X Motherboard 
P6 Pro Series
P6 Pro A+ Motherboard (ECC)P6 Pro A+ Motherboard (ECC) 
P6 Pro A+ Motherboard (non-ECC)P6 Pro A+ Motherboard (non-ECC) 
P6Pro-A+ Motherboard (ECC)P6Pro-A+ Motherboard (ECC) 
P6Pro-A+ Motherboard (non-ECC)P6Pro-A+ Motherboard (non-ECC) 
P6 Pro A5 Motherboard (ECC)P6 Pro A5 Motherboard (ECC) 
P6 Pro A5 Motherboard (non-ECC)P6 Pro A5 Motherboard (non-ECC) 
P6Pro-A5 MotherboardP6Pro-A5 Motherboard 
P6 Pro AU MotherboardP6 Pro AU Motherboard 
S Series
S3AP-AN MotherboardS3AP-AN Motherboard 
S3PM-F MotherboardS3PM-F Motherboard 
S3PM-FN MotherboardS3PM-FN Motherboard 
S3Pro-A MotherboardS3Pro-A Motherboard 
S3Pro-AU MotherboardS3Pro-AU Motherboard 
S3Pro-AU+ MotherboardS3Pro-AU+ Motherboard 
S3Pro-M MotherboardS3Pro-M Motherboard 
S3Pro-MU+ MotherboardS3Pro-MU+ Motherboard 
S3ZX-A(N) MotherboardS3ZX-A(N) Motherboard 
S381-B MotherboardS381-B Motherboard 
S381-F MotherboardS381-F Motherboard 
S381-FE MotherboardS381-FE Motherboard 
S381-FE+ MotherboardS381-FE+ Motherboard 
S381-FN MotherboardS381-FN Motherboard 
S381-FNE MotherboardS381-FNE Motherboard 
S381-M MotherboardS381-M Motherboard 
S381-ML MotherboardS381-ML Motherboard 
S381-M+ MotherboardS381-M+ Motherboard 
S3815-AE MotherboardS3815-AE Motherboard 
S3815-ANE MotherboardS3815-ANE Motherboard 
S3815-M MotherboardS3815-M Motherboard 
S3815-ML MotherboardS3815-ML Motherboard 
SAKT Series
SAKT-A MotherboardSAKT-A Motherboard 
SAKT-AN MotherboardSAKT-AN Motherboard 
SAKT-M MotherboardSAKT-M Motherboard 
Others Series
IAP5 T30-A4 MotherboardIAP5 T30-A4 Motherboard 
K7KX-A MotherboardK7KX-A Motherboard 
P5H30-A4 Motherboard (SIMM)P5H30-A4 Motherboard (SIMM) 
P5H30-WS Motherboard (SIMM)P5H30-WS Motherboard (SIMM) 
P5V30-B4 Motherboard (SIMM)P5V30-B4 Motherboard (SIMM) 
P5VP3-B3 MotherboardP5VP3-B3 Motherboard 
P681-A+ MotherboardP681-A+ Motherboard 
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