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64MB Time 168-pin PC100 SDRAM DIMM (p/n TIME-AKX)

64MB Time 168-pin PC100 SDRAM DIMM (p/n TIME-AKX)

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  • Product Code:TIME-AKX_AKX
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Price: $5.98

64MB Time 168-pin PC100 SDRAM DIMM
  • This module may be manufactured by Micron, Samsung, Infineon, Elpida, Kingston or MemoryTen depending on availability. This module is in stock and can ship today. We guaranty this module will work in your system.
  • 64MB 168pin PC100 Gold-Lead 3.3v SDRAM DIMM.
  • The TIME-AKX carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Time 148NE4GB2A, 162NE13GB2A, 362-50-124 (DIMM), 206C Model 66, 207 Q05GB3, 214R04GB3, 229F83GB1, 241C Model 66, 258K06GB2B, 275G20IR, 276G20IR, 277K20IR, 279K21IR, 280K21IR, 284G02GB, 285G01GB, 286K01GB, 289K03GB, 291K02GB, 300G120GB, 301G127GB, 302E03GB, 303E20IR, 305G05GB2, 306J01GB2, 308K02GB, 309G40NL2, 310G40NL2, 311K40NL2, 312K41NL2, 313K41NL2, 314H40NL2, 315K41NL2, 316G21IR2, 317G21IR2, 318K22IR2, 321K23IR2, 323G06GB2, 324E04GB, 325J04NL2, 325J40NL2, 326G05GB2, 327K05GB2, 328K06GB2, 329K06GB2, 330K04GB2, 331J02GB2, 332J01GB2, 332J02GB2, 332JB1GB2, 333P01GB2, 334G126, 335G128, 336J02GB2, 337G06GB2, 337G06GB3, 340G21IR2, 341K04GB2, 342G21IR2, 342J03GB2, 343J20IR2, 344K24IR2, 345J03GB2A, 345P20IR2, 346G40NL2, 347K42NL2, 347M03GB2, 348P42NL, 349J21IR2, 350K04GB2, 351P01GB2, 352J03GB2A, 353J41NL2, 354J40NL2, 355P01GB2B, 356M01GB2, 357Q01GB2, 358K06GB2, 360Q40NL2, 361Q02GB2, 362-50-106, 362-50-168, 362-50-206, 362-50-231, 362-50-234, 362-50-269, 362-50-285, 362-50-326, 362R01GB2, 363K06GB2A, 364Q01GB2, 365P01GB2, 365X01GB2, 367K06GB2B, 368R02GB2, 369R02GB2, 370Q01GB2C, 371M01GB2, 372M01GB2, 373G07GB2, 374M03GB2, 375E04GB2, 377T01GB2, 378P20IR2, 379M20IR2, 380P01GB2, 380T03ED2, 380X01GB2, 381J02GB2, 381J03GB2, 382M02GB2B, 383J01GB2, 384T01GB2, 385T02GB2, 387X42NL2, 388Q40NL2, 390M01GB2, 391T02GB2, 393Q01GB2C, 394Q01GB2C, 395X01GB2, 396M04GB2, 397X01GB2, 398V01GB2, 399-30-510, 399M21IR2, 400J21IR2A, 401Q20IR2B, 402-30-978, 402T20IR2, 403X20IR2, 404-30-172, 404-30-219, 404-30-418, 404-30-563, 404V01GB2, 405Q04GB2, 406T02GB2, 407V01GB2, 407V02GB2, 408T40NL2, 409V40NL2, 411Q03GB2, 412V01GB2, 413T41NL2, 422Q02GB2A, 424J20IR2A, 425V41NL2, 426T20IR2, 427V20IR2, 428J44NL2, 429J43NL2, 430M01GB2, 431Q21IR2B, 432T21IR2, 433T21IR2, 435Q04GB2, 436W01GB2, 437W02GB2, 438V21IR2, 439Q41NL2, 440V02GB2, 441Y01GB2, 444V42NL2, 445V42NL2, 449X20IR2, 452M01GB2B, 455W40NL2, 456Q41NL2, 462R03GB2, 463R03GB2, 464P02GB2, 466GB40N2, 467GB40N2, 468GB42N2, 469GB43N2, 470W41NL2, 471W41NL2, 472GB41N2, 473GB42N2, 474GA40N2, 475GB42N2, 500-3D DVD, 500-50-308, 500M06GB3, 501V04GB3, 502M06GB3, 503T04GB3, 504W03GB3, 505X03GB3, 506J04GB3, 507Q05GB3, 508W04GB3, 509X03GB3, 510M07GB3, 511X03GB3, 512V03GB3, 513Y02GB3, 514R04GB3, 515V04GB3, 516X03GB3, 521GA22IR3, 525X21IR3, 526X21IR3, 527V22IR3, 533MC01G3, 543GA01G3, 544GA01G3, 545GA01G3, 546GA01G3, 548GA01G3, 549GA01G3, 550GA01G3, 551W22IR3, 552X21IR3, Colossus 362-50-112, M/C500-7 XR PRO 402-30-978.
  • 062707, 102708
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