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4GB Toshiba Portege/Satellite PC2-6400 DDR2-800 200-pin SODIMM (p/n TOSH-4GB-DDR2-800-S)

4GB Toshiba Portege/Satellite PC2-6400 DDR2-800 200-pin SODIMM (p/n TOSH-4GB-DDR2-800-S)

  • Brand:
  • Product Code:TOSH-4GB-DDR2-800-S_CKPCQE
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $79.98

4GB Toshiba Portege/Satellite PC2-6400 DDR2-800 200-pin SODIMM
  • Equivalent OEM part number: TOSH-4GB-DDR2-800-S.
  • This module may be manufactured by Micron, Samsung, Infineon, Hynix or Gigaram. This module is in stock and can ship today.
  • Specifications:
    Size - 4GB
    Pins - 200 pins
    ECC - no
    Registered - no
    Form Factor - SODIMM
    3LC - CKP/CQE
  • The TOSH-4GB-DDR2-800-S carries a Memory(x) lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Toshiba Dynabook NB200-SP2923A (DDR2 800MHz), NB200-SP2923C (DDR2 800MHz), NB200-SP2923R (DDR2 800MHz), NB205-SP2923A (DDR2 800MHz), NB205-SP2923C (DDR2 800MHz), NB205-SP2923R (DDR2 800MHz), Portege A600-14R, M750-12F, M750-12G, M750-13C, M750-14W, M750-10S, M750-114, M750-129, M750-13Q, M750-159, M750-0JQ, M750-0PT, M750-0S7, M750-AM1, M750-ST7258 (64-bit), Satellite A300-02W (64-bit), A300/08V (64-bit), A300/08W (64-bit), A300-1EI (64-bit), A300-1F0 (64-bit), A300-1G4 (64-bit), A300-1GN (64-bit), A300-1IA (64-bit), A300-1ID (64-bit), A300-1IW (64-bit), A300-1K5 (64-bit), A300-1L0 (64-bit), A300-17I (64-bit), A300/C01 (64-bit), A300/M01 (64-bit), A300-1MC (64-bit), A300-1ME (64-bit), A300-1MN (64-bit), A300-1ND (64-bit), A300-1NU (64-bit), A300-1OC (64-bit), A300-1OL (64-bit), A300-1OM (64-bit), A300-1OT (64-bit), A300-1PH (64-bit), A300-1PL (64-bit), A300-1QD (64-bit), A300-1QE (64-bit), A300-1QF (64-bit), A300-1QG (64-bit), A300-1SR (64-bit), A300-1ST (64-bit), A300-21H (64-bit), A300-21I (64-bit), A300-C01, A300-ST3502 (64-bit), A300/U01 (64-bit), A300/W01 (64-bit), A300/Y01 (64-bit), A350-00X, A350-01N, A350-04S, A350-05R, A350-013, A350-10B, A350-11N (64-bit), A350-12D (64-bit), A350-12Q (64-bit), A350-13I (64-bit), A350-20A (64-bit), A350-20N (64-bit), A350-20Q (32-bit), A350-20Q (64-bit), A350-20S (32-bit), A350-20S (64-bit), A350-22M, A350-122 (64-bit), A350-134 (64-bit), A350-200 (64-bit), A350-204 (64-bit), A350-205 (64-bit), A350-ST3601 (64-bit), A350D-10O (64-bit), A350D-107 (64-bit), A350D-202 (64-bit), A355D-S6885, A355D-S6887 (64-bit), A355D-S6889 (64-bit), A355-S6879, A355D-S6930 (64-bit), A500-026, A500-13Z, A500D-10U, A500D-111, A505-S6960, A505-S6965, A505-S6966, A505-S6967, A505-S6969, A505-S6973, A505-SP6988A, A505-SP6988C, A505-SP6988R, A505-SP7914A, A505D-S6008, A505D-S6958, A505D-S6968, C650-101, L300-07R (64-bit), L300-1AQ (64-bit), L300-1AS (32-bit), L300-1AS (64-bit), L300-1BG, L300-1BV, L300-1BW, L300-1CU, L300-1DN, L300-1DU (32-bit), L300-1DU (64-bit), L300-1ER, L300-1EU, L300-1FI, L300-1FV, L300-1G5, L300-19Y (64-bit), L300-215 (32-bit), L300-215 (64-bit), L305-S4910 (64-bit), L305-S5891, L305-S5908 (64-bit), L305-S5911 (64-bit), L305-S5912 (64-bit), Satellite L300/0D3 (64-bit), L300/700 (64-bit), L300/800 (64-bit), L300/900 (64-bit), L300D-12I (64-bit), L300/R00 (64-bit), L300/S00 (64-bit), L300-ST3502 (64-bit), L300/X60, L300D-03K (64-bit), L300D-21P (64-bit), L300D-21Q (64-bit), L300D-22F (64-bit), L300D-22G (64-bit), L300D-22P (64-bit), L300D-22R (64-bit), L300D-038 (64-bit), L300D-13E (64-bit), L300D-13S (64-bit), L300D-14Y (64-bit), L300D-20Z (64-bit), L300D-21L (64-bit), L310-S410, L350-16B, L350-16X, L350-171, L350-17R, L350-ST3702, L350D-11K, L350D-11O, L350D-114, L350D-200, L350D-201, L350D-209, L350D-211, U400-17B, U400-20T, L450D-10Z, L450D-11W, L450D-12P, L450D-13G, L450D-13X, L450D-13Z, L450D-14E, L450D-14H, L450D-119, L455-S5989, L500-02F, L500-049, L500-1GG, L500-1GH, L500-1GJ, L500-1GK, L500-1GL, L500-1GM, L500-13G, L500-13W, L500D-11R, L500D-13C, L550D-13q, L500D-13U, L550D-13V, L500-13Z, L500-14N, L500D-14R, L500D-15M, L500D-16N, L500-018, L500-11N, L500-17C, L500D-17E, L500-19E, L500-19U, L500-120, L500-131, L500-153, L500-154, L500-164, L500-ST5505, L500D-00L, L500D-11E, L500D-11P, L500D-11Q, L500D-12T, L500D-13H, L500D-13J, L500D-13M, L500D-14W, L500D-144, L500D-149, L500D-159, L500D-163, L500D-174, L500D-ST5600, L500D-ST5506, L505-S5964, L505-S5966, L505-S5967, L505-S5969, L505-S5971, L505-S5982, L505-S5988, L505-S5990, L505-S5993, L505-S5995, L505-S5997, L505-S5998, L505-S5999, L505-S6946, L505-S6951, L505-S6953, L505-S6954, L505-S6955, L505-S6956, L505D-S6957, L505-S6959, L505-S6962, L505-SP6906A, L505-SP6906C, L505-SP6906R, L505-SP6934R, L505-SP6984A, L505-SP6984C, L505-SP6984R, L505D-10C, L505D-ES5024, L505D-ES5026, L505D-ES5027, L505D-GS6003, L505D-LS5003, L505D-LS5004, L505D-LS5007, L505D-LS5010, L505D-LS5019, L505D-S5963, L505D-S5965, L505D-S5985, L505D-S5987, L505D-S6947, L505D-S6948, L505D-SC6001, L505D-S6952, L505D-SP6014L, L505D-SP6014M, L505D-SP6017L, L505D-SP6905, L510 (Core 2 Duo), L515-S4925, L515-SP4904A, L515-SP4904C, L515-SP4904R, L515-SP4908A, L515-SP4908C, L515-SP4908R, L515-SP4929A, L515-SP4929C, L515-SP4929R, L550-00N, L550-00Q, L550-10N, L550-10Z, L550-11C, L550-11E, L550-11F, L550-11J, L550-11K, L550D-11N, L550-13C, L550-13C, L550-110, L550-117, L550-130, L550-149, L550D-10K, L550D-10L, L550D-10M, L550D-11P, L550D-12E, L550D-107, L550D-10G, L550D-110, L550D-136, L500D-164, L555-S7929, L555-S7945, L555D-10E, L555D-103, L500D-136, L500D-139, L555D-S7005, L555D-S7006, L555D-S7930, L555D-S7932, M300-06F, M300-06G, M300-06J, M300-06K, M300-034, M300-600, M300-700R, M300-800, M300-900, M300-J00, M300-ST3401, M300-ST3402, M300-ST3403, M300-T00, M305-S4907, M305-S4910, M305-S4915, M305-S4920, M305-S49201, M305-S49203, M305-SP4901A, M305-SP4901C, M305-SP4901R, M500-D432T, M500-ST5401, M500-ST5405, M500-ST6422, M505-S4945, M505-S4947, M505-S4949, M505-S4980, M505-S4982, M505D-S4930, M505D-S4970, M505D-S4970RD, P300-281, P500-12K, P500-127, P500-134, Mini Notebook R10 3G-10A, Qosmio F50-134, Qosmio G50-12H, Pro C650-14H, Pro C650-148, Pro L300-2F4, Satellite Pro L300-25C, Pro L450D-14V, Pro L500-013, Pro L500D-13X, Pro L500D-137, Pro L550-008, Pro L550-13D, Pro L550-13J, Pro L550-17E, Pro P300-1D6, Pro S300M-EZ2401 (64-bit), Pro S300M-EZ2402 (64-bit), Pro S300M-S2403 (64-bit), Pro U400-15O, Pro U500-D360, R600-13X, R600-13Z, R600-149, R600-S4213, Pro S300L-135, Pro S300L-137, Tecra A10-1GD, A10-1H3, A10-1HN, M10-1JG, M10 1JP, M10-1KR, M10-1KW, M10-1KZ, M10-1LZ, M10-S442, M10-P460, M10-P463, R10-10B, R10-13C, S10-108, S10-128, S10-142.
  • 112508, 111517
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