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128mb Trinity 72-pin True 5.0V EDO Simm

128mb Trinity 72-pin True 5.0V EDO Simm

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  • Product Code:TR72E128/5V
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Price: $99.00

32mbx32-6 simm, 128mb true 5v EDO, non-parity, 72pin 60ns 4K refresh 16 chip, tin lead. Only Samsung makes 5V chips. p/n's KM44C16104BK-6 or later die revisions.
Manufactured by MemoryX, lifetime warranty
Compatible with Play Inc's Trinity Switcher & Warp Engine. Trinity recommends the use of 5.0v chips when running ver 1.2 software. In our experience the TR72E128 which we manufacture also will work.

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