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320GB Toshiba 7200RPM 3.5in SATA HDD (p/n TSHIB-320GBSATA15035)

320GB Toshiba 7200RPM 3.5in SATA HDD (p/n TSHIB-320GBSATA15035)

  • Brand:
  • Product Code:TSHIB-320GBSATA15035_HFB
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $64.98

320GB Toshiba 7200RPM 3.5in SATA HDD
  • Equivalent OEM part number: TSHIB-320GBSATA15035
  • This hard disk drive is new and may be manufactured by Western Digital, Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung, Seagate or Fujitsu. This HDD is in stock and can ship today.
  • Specifications:
    Size: 320GB
    Type: SATA
    Rotation speed: 7200RPM
    Dimensions: 3.5in x 1in
    Connector: 15pin
    Transfer rate: 1.5Gb/s
    3LC: HFB
  • This drive carries a manufacturer exchange or repair warranty against defects. Visit manufacturer's website for details.
  • The TSHIB-320GBSATA15035 carries a Memory(x) lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for credit.
  • Compatible with Toshiba DX730-00Y (DDR3-1600MHz), DX730-01C00G (DDR3-1333MHz), DX730-01C011 (DDR3-1333MHz), DX730-005 (DDR3-1333MHz), DX730-009 (DDR3-1333MHz), DX730-010 (DDR3-1600MHz), DX730-10K (DDR3-1333MHz, DX730-10K (DDR3-1600MHz), DX730-10K (DDR3-1866MHz), DX730-10N (DDR3-1333MHz), DX730-032 (DDR3-1333MHz), DX730-032 (DDR3-1600MHz), DX730-032 (DDR3-1866MHz), DX730-1004XT (DDR3-1333MHz), DX730-1007XT (DDR3-1333MHz), DX730-ST6N01 (DDR3-1333MHz), DX730-ST6N01 (DDR3-1600MHz), DX730-ST6N01 (DDR3-1866MHz), DX730-ST6N02 (DDR3-1333MHz), DX730-ST6N02 (DDR3-1600MHz), DX730-ST6N02 (DDR3-1866MHz), DX730-ST6N03 (DDR3-1333MHz), DX730-ST6N03 (DDR3-1600MHz), DX730-ST6N03 (DDR3-1866MHz), DX735-D3201 (DDR3-1333MHz), DX735-D3201 (DDR3-1600MHz), DX735-D3201 (DDR3-1866MHz), DX735-D3204 (DDR3-1333MHz), DX735-D3204 (DDR3-1600MHz), DX735-D3204 (DDR3-1866MHz), DX735-D3302 (DDR3-1333MHz), DX735-D3302 (DDR3-1600MHz), DX735-D3302 (DDR3-1866MHz), DX735-D3330 (DDR3-1333MHz), DX735-D3330 (DDR3-1600MHz), DX735-D3330 (DDR3-1866MHz), DX735-D3360 (DDR3-1333MHz), DX735-D3360 (DDR3-1600MHz), DX735-D3360 (DDR3-1866MHz), DX735-ST5N01 (DDR3-1333MHz), DX735-ST5N01 (DDR3-1600MHz), DX735-ST5N01 (DDR3-1866MHz), DX735-ST5N02 (DDR3-1333MHz), DX1215-D2101 (DDR3-1333MHz), DX1215-D2103 (DDR3-1333MHz), DX735-ST5N02 (DDR3-1600MHz), DX735-ST5N02 (DDR3-1866MHz), LX815-D1210 (DDR3-1333MHz), LX815-D1210 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX815-D1210 (DDR3-1866MHz), LX815-D1310 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX830-01G (DDR3-1600MHz), LX830-01H (DDR3-1600MHz), LX830-004 (DDR3-1333MHz), LX830-007 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX830-10Q (DDR3-1600MHz), LX830-017 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX830-018 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX830-ST2N01 (DDR3-1333MHz), LX830-ST2N01 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX830-ST2N01 (DDR3-1866MHz), LX835-D3203 (DDR3-1333MHz), LX835-D3203 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX835-D3203 (DDR3-1866MHz), LX835-D3210 (DDR3-1333MHz), LX835-D3210 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX835-D3210 (DDR3-1866MHz), LX830-BT2G22 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX830-BT2N22 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX830-ST2G01 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX830-ST2N02 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX830-ST2N03 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX835-D3205 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX835-D3207 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX835-D3215 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX835-D3220 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX835-D3230 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX835-D3240 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX835-D3250 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX835-D3304 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX835-D3310 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX835-D3330 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX835-D3340 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX835-D3380 (DDR3-1600MHz), LX835-SP0260SM (DDR3-1600MHz)
  • 070813, 011615
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