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1GB Sony VAIO PCG Notebook PC2700 DDR333 SODIMM (p/n VGP-MM1024G)

1GB Sony VAIO PCG Notebook PC2700 DDR333 SODIMM (p/n VGP-MM1024G)

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  • Product Code:VGP-MM1024G_ABQ
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $19.98, 10/$180.00, 100/$1,700.00

1GB Sony VAIO PCG Notebook PC2700 DDR333 SODIMM
  • KSY-V505/1G, VGP-MM1024G
  • This module may be manufactured by Swissbit, Kingston, Samsung, MemoryTen, KingMax, Infineon, Elpida, Micron or Nanya depending on availability. This part is in stock and can ship today. We guaranty this module will work in your notebook.
  • 1GB 200pin PC2700 DDR333 2.5V SODIMM.
  • This module uses the latest high density chips which draw less power and run cooler than other brands. This keeps you notebook running more stably.
  • The VGP-MM1024G carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Sony VAIO PCG A Series A140, A1401, A140B1, A140B2, A140B3, A140B4, A140B5, A140B6, A140B10, A140B11, A140B12, A140B13, A140B20, A140B28, A140P7, A140P8, A140P9, A140P16, A140P17, A140P18, A140P19, A140P21, A140P22, A140B23, A140P24, A140P25, A140P26, A140P27, PCG-GRT Series GRT40ZLP, GRT40ZP, GRT40ZTP, GRT77V/P, GRT91V/P, GRT99S/P, GRT99V/P, GRT290Z, GRT309Z1, GRT380ZG, GRT390Z1, GRT390ZG, GRT390ZP10, GRT390ZP7, GRT390ZP8, GRT390ZPD, GRT996S/P, PCG-K Series K27, PCG-V Series V505C, V505DC1, V505DX, V505DXP, V505E/B, V505EC61, V505F/B, V505G/B, V505MLP, V505MNP, V505MNSP, V505MP, V505MSP, V505N, V505NTP, V505S/PB, V505T4, V505T4/P, V505VZ/P, V505W/P, Sony Vaio-VGN Series VGN-A15CP, A15GP, A15LP, A17CP, A17GP, A17LP, A17SP, A17TP, A19CP, A19GP, A19LP, A19SP, A19TP, A29GP, A29SP, A29TP, A50B, A60B, VGN-A60P, A60PS, A60S, A61B, A70P, A70PS, A70S, A115B, A115S, A117S, A130, A130 CTO, A130B5, A130B8, A130B10, A130B12, A130B14, A130B16, A130B18, A130B20, A130B23, A130B28, A130B29, A130B30, A130B36, A130B38, A130B40, , A130B CTO, A130P (CTO), A130P2, A130P4, A130P6, A130P7, A130P9, A130P11, A130P13, A130P15, A130P17, A130P19, A130P21, A130P22, A130P24, A130P25, A130P27, A130P31, A130P32, A130P37, A130P39, A140B1, A140B2, A140B3, A140B4, A140B5, A140B5C, A140B6, A140B10, A140B11, A140B13, A140B13C, A140B15, A140B17, A140B20, A140B23, A140B27, A140B28, A140 CTO, A140 (P7-P30), A140B CTO, A140P7, A140P8, A140P9, A140P12, A140P14, A140P15CP, A140P15GP, A140P15LP, A140P16, A140P18, A140P19, A140P21, A140P22, A140P24, A140P25, A140P26, A140P CTO, A170, A170 (B1 - B38), VGN-A170 CTO, A170P (CTO), A170B1, A170B2, A170B3, A170B7, A170B9, A170B12, A170B15, A170B17, A170B19, A170B22, A170B24, A170B27, A170B29, A170B32, A170B34, A170B38, A170B CTO, A170P2, A170P4, A170P5, A170P6, A170P6C, A170P8, A170P10, A170P11, A170P13, A170P14, A170P16, A170P16C, A170P18, A170P20, A170P21, A170P23, A170P25, A170P26, A170P28, A170P30, A170P33, A170P35, A170P36, A170P37, A170P39, A190, A190F, A197VP, A197XP, A215Z, A230 (B1 - B15), A230 (P9 - P18), A230B1, A230B10, A230B11, A230B12, A230B13, A230B14, A230B15, A230B2, A230B3, A230B4, A230B5, A230B6, A230B7, A230B8, A230B9, A230P10, A230P11, A230P12, A230P13, A230P14, A230P16, A230P17, A240B, A270B, A270P2C, A290, A290F, A295HP, A1301, A1401, A1701, A2301, A2302, A17031, B1, B55, B55G, B55L, B55S, B55T, B66, B66GP, B66SP, B77, B77GP, B77SP, B88, B88C, B88GP, B90PSY1, B90PSY2, B90PSY3, B90PSY4, B90PSY5, B90PSY6, B90PSY7, B90PSY8, B90PSYA, B90PSYB, B99, B99GP, B100 BTO, B100B02, B100B03, B100B04, B100B05, B100B06, B100B08, B100B09, B100B10, B100B11, B100B11C, B100B12, B100B13, B100B14, B100B15, B100B18, B100B20, B100B22, B100B23, B100B24, B100B25, B100B26, B100B27, B100B28, B100B29, B100B30, B100B32, B100B50C, B150FP, E50B/D, E51B/D, E51B/S, E72B/D, E70S, E72B/S, FS20, FS30B, FS50B, FS70B, FS660W, FS680W, S260KIT1, S260PKIT1, T70B, Y18C, Y18GP, Y70P, Y90PSY1, Y90PSY2.
  • 020508, 030408, 031708, 032708, 061108, 072508, 093008, 120408, 030209, 102809, 121310, 072111
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