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512MB Sony Vaio Notebook DDR2 SODIMM Memory (p/n VGP-MM512L)

512MB Sony Vaio Notebook DDR2 SODIMM Memory (p/n VGP-MM512L)

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  • Product Code:VGP-MM512L_AIT
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $4.98

512MB Sony Vaio Notebook DDR2 SODIMM Memory
  • VGP-MM512L, M6464E40
  • This module may be manufactured by Samsung, Micron, Hynix, Infineon, TwinMOS, Adata, Transcend, Apacer or MemoryTen depending on the availability. This item is in stock.
  • 512MB DDR2-533 SODIMM.
  • The VGP-MM512L carries a MemoryTen Lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Sony VAIO PCG-6G1L, 6G2L, 6G3L, 6G4L, 7G1M, VGC-LS1, VGC-LS30E, RB60GKIT1, RB60GKIT2, RB64G, VGC-RM1, VGN-A39CP, A39GP, A39GP/B, A49GP, A59CP, A59GP, A60GP, A62B, A72PB, AR270P CTO, A317M, A317S, A397XP,A417M, A417S, A497XP, A517B, A517M, VGN-A517M/S, A600, A600 (CTO), A600B, A600P, A617, A617B, A617M, A617S, A690, A790, A60091, AR11B (DDR2-533MHz), AR11M (DDR2-533MHz), AR11S (DDR2-533MHz), AR15GP, AR18GP (DDR2-533MHz), VGN-AR88E, VGN-AR170GX1, AR21B (DDR2-533MHz), AR21M, AR21S, AR21S.CEK, AR25GP, AR28GP, AR38G (DDR2-533MHz), AR130G, AR150FG, AR150G, AR170, AR170G, AR170GU1, AR170P, AR170P CTO, VGN-AR170P01, VGN-AR170P02, VGN-AR170P03, VGN-AR170P04, VGN-AR170P21, VGN-AR170P22, VGN-AR170P23, VGN-AR170P24, VGN-AR170P25, VGN-AR170P26, VGN-AR170P27, VGN-AR170P28, VGN-AR170P29, AR170PU2, AR190G, AR230G, AR250G, AR270, VGN-AR290FG, AR290G, AS34B, AS54B, AS54S, AS54PS, AS74S, AS74PS, AX570G, AX580G, BX90P/S CTO, BX90S, BX90PS, BX143C, BX145CP, BX165CP, BX168GP, BX194VP, BX195EP, BX195SP, BX195VP, BX195XP, BX196SP, BX196VP, BX196XP, BX197XP, BX294VP, BX295VP, BX296VP, BX296XP, BX297XP, BX394VP, BX396BP, BX396VP, BX396XP, BX397XP, BX540, BX540B (CTO), BX543B, BX545FP, BX546, BX546B, BX546BW, BX560, BX560B, BX560B CTO, BX561B, BX563B, BX565B, BX567B, BX570, BX570B CTO, BX575B, BX640B, BX640 CTO, BX640P15, BX640P16, BX640P17, BX640P19, BX640P20, BX640P27, BX640P28, BX640P44, BX640P45, BX640P47, BX640P48, BX640P49, BX640P50, BX640P51, BX640P52, BX640P53, BX640P54, BX640PS1, BX640PS2, BX640PS3, BX645P, BX660B, BX660P CTO, BX660P25, BX660P26, BX660P27, BX660P28, BX660P29, BX660P46, BX660P47, BX660P48, BX660P49, BX660P50, BX660P51, BX660P52, BX660P53, BX660P54, BX660P55, BX660PS1, BX660PS2, BX660PS3, BX665P CTO, BX665P, BX670B, BX670P CTO, BX670P41, BX670P42, BX670P43, BX670P44, BX670P45, BX670P46, BX670P47, BX670P48, BX670P51, BX670P52, BX670P53, BX670P54, BX670P55, BX670P56, BX670P57, BX675P, C1S/G, C1S/H, C1S/P, C1S/W, C1Z/B, C2M/W, C2S/G, C2S/H, C2S/L, C2S/P, C2S/W, C2Z/B, C11C, C12GPW, C13G/H, C13GG, C13GP, C14SP/B, C14SP/W, C15GP/B, C15GPW (DDR2-533MHz), VGN-C21GHW, VGN-C21GH/W (DDR2-533MHz), C22GH/B, C23S/B, C23S/H, C23S/L, C23S/P, C23S/W, C25GB, VGN-C25G/G (DDR2-533MHz), C25GH, C25GL, C25GP, C25GW, C31GH/W, C140F/P, C140G/B, C150P/B, C190G, C190P/H, C190P/S2, C190P/S4, C190P/S5, C190P/W, C210E/H, C210E/P, C220E/H, C240E/B, C240FE, C240QE/B, C250N/B, C260E/B, C270CEG, C270CEL, C270CEP, C270CNH, C290, C290 CTO, C290E/BT, C290NW/H, C291NW/G, C291NW/H, C291NW/P, C291NW/W, VGN-CR21E/L, VGN-CR21E/P, VGN-CR21E/W, CR22G, CR22G/B, CR23M, CR23G, CR23S, VGN-CR305E/L, VGN-CR305E/R, VGN-CR305E/RC, VGN-CR309E/L, VGN-CR309E/R, VGN-CR309E/RC, VGN-CR323/W, VGN-CR440F/W, FE14SP, FE17SP, FE27SP, FE31Z, FE33B/W, FE33H/W, FE33HB/W, FE34SP, FE37SP, FE550FM, VGN-FE650FM, FE650G, FE730FM, FE750FM, FE770QG, FE890 CTO (DDR2-533MHz), FJ67SP/W, FJ68GP/W, FJ68LP/L, FJ68SP/W, FJ77SP/G, FJ77SP/L, FJ77SP/W, FJ78SP, VGN-FJ92PS, VGN-FJ92S, FJ250F, FJ250P/B, FJ260FP, VGN-FJ330F, FJ340FP, FJ370/B, FJ370/BC, FJ370P/BC, FS48SP, FS93S, FS515B, FS715F, FS720/W (DDR2-533), FS730F, FS740FP (DDR2-533), FS750F (DDR2-533), FS755FP (DDR2-533), FS770FG (DDR2-533MHz), FS812F, FS980F, FS980Q, FS985FP, G1AAPS, G1KAP, G1LAP, G11VN/T, G11XN/B, N21Z/W, N27GH, N27SH, N29VN/B, N31M/W, N140F, N150F, N160G/W, N210FH, N220E/B, N230FH, N245FN, N250FH, N250QEW, N310FH, N320E/B, N320E/W, N320FN, N325E/B, N325EW, N325QEW, N330FH, N330N/B, N345FN, N350E/B, N350E/T, N350E/W, N350FE, N350N/B, N365E/B, N370E/T, N370E/W, N37GH/B, VGN-N385E/B, N385E/W, N385E/BK1, N385NB, N385QEW, N395E/B, S560P, S660B, S660P/B, SZ3VP/X, SZ3XP/C, SZ3XWP/C, SZ14SP/B, SZ15GP/B, SZ17NP/C, SZ21SP, SZ25GP/B, SZ28GP/C, SZ32GP, SZ34GP, SZ34GP/B, SZ140PA, SZ140PB, SZ320P/B/C, DIGITAL ENT CENTER VGX-TP1, Digital Living System VGX-XL3, FE11H, FE11M, FE11MR, FE11S, FE15GP/C, FE18GP/C, FE21B, FE21H, FE21M, FE21S, FE24SP (DDR2-533MHz), FE25GP (DDR2-533MHz), FE28B, FE28H, FE28GP (DDR2-533MHz), FE31B, FE31H, FE31M, FE31Z.CEK, FE35GP, FE38GP, FE550G, FE570G, FE590, FE590GC, FE590P01, FE590PA (VGN FE590PA), FE590PB (VGN FE590PB), FE590PC (VGN FE590PC), FE590P02, FE590P03, FE590P04, FE590P05, FE590P06, FE590P07, FE590P08, FE590P09, FE590P10, FE590P11, FE660G, FE670G, FE680G, FE690, FE690 (CTO), FE690GB, FE690P02, FE690P03, FE690P04, FE690P05, FE690P06, FE690PB, FE770G, FE780G, FE790GN, FE790PL, FJ1S, FJ1S/W, FJ1Z/W, FJ3M/W, FJ3S/W, FJ10B, FJ56GP, FJ57SP, FJ58GP, FJ66GP/C, FJ67C, FJ68GP/C, FJ76GP, FJ76GP/W, FJ78GP, FJ90S, FJ90PS, FJ150/W, FJ170/B, FJ170P/B, FJ170/QB, FJ180P/G, FJ180P/L, FJ180P/R, FJ180P/W, FJ230F, FJ240FP, FJ270P/B, FJ290 (DDR2-533MHz), FJ290 CTO, FJ290L1W, FJ290P1/G, FJ290P1/L, FJ290P1/R, FJ290P1V, FJ290P1/W, FJ370, FS22B, FS22VB, FS32B, FS35C, FS35GP, FS35SP, FS35TP, FS38C, FS38GP, FS38SP, FS38TP, FS48C, FS48GP/C, FS52B, FS92S, FS92PS, FS93G, FS315B, FS315E, FS315H, FS315M, FS315MR, FS315S, FS315SR, FS315Z, FS395VP, FS415M, FS495VP, FS500P12, FS515H, FS640/W, FS660/W, FS680/W, FS715/W, FS730/W, FS740/W, FS740Q/W, FS742W, FS745, FS745P/H, FS750, FS750P/W, FS760Q/W, FS775P/H, FS780/W, FS790, FS790 (CTO), FS810, FS810/W, FS815F, FS840/W, FS850/W, FS850P/W, FS875P/H, FS930F, FS950, FS960P, FS965F, FS970P, FS980, FS990, FS8900 (DDR2-533MHz), FS8900P, FS8900P3 (VGN FS8900P3), FS8900P3K1, FS8900P5K1, FS8900P4 (VGN FS8900P4), FS8900P5 (VGN FS8900P5), FS8900P6, FS8900P7, FS8900P8, FS8900P9, FS8900V, VGN-G118GN/B, VGN-G118GN/T, N11H/W, N11M/W (DDR2-533MHz), N11S/W, N17G, VGN-N17S, N19VP/B, N21E/W, N21S/W, N110G/W, N120G/W, VGN-N21M/W, VGN-N51B (DDR2-553MHz), VGN-N51HB (DDR2-553MHz), VGN-N130F, N130G/B, N130G/W, VGN-N130G/W (N130G/WK1), N130P/B, VGN-N38E/W, N145FP, N150G/B, N150G/W, VGN-N150G/W (N150G/WK1), N150P/B, VGN-N150P/B (N150P/BK1), N170G/T, VGN-N170G/T (N170G/TK1), N170G/W, VGN-N170G/W (N170G/WK1), N220E/W, N230E/B, N230E/T, N230E/W, N230N/B, N250E/B, N250E/W, N250N/B, N270E/T, N270E/W, VGN-NR11M/S, VGN-NR11Z/T, VGN-NR21J/S, VGN-NR32M/S, VGN-NR110ES, VGN-NR110ET, VGN-NR110EW, VGN-NR120E/S, VGN-NR120E/T, VGN-NR120QS, VGN-NR130FE, VGN-NR140E/S, VGN-NR220E/S, VGN-NR230AE, VGN-NR240E/S, VGN-NR240E/T, VGN-NR240E/W, VGN-NR260E/S, NR260E/W, VGN-NR310E/S, NR320AH, VGN-NR320E/S, VGN-NR330AE, VGN-NR330E/S, VGN-NR37G/S, VGN-NR420E/L, VGN-NR420E/S, VGN-NR460E/L, VGN-NR460E/P, S3HP, S3VP, S3XP, S4M/S, S5HP/B, S5M/S, S5VP/B, S5XP/B, S5XRP, S38GP, S38GP/B, S38LP/B, S38SP/B, S38TP, S380 (CTO), S43LP/S, S45LP/S, S45SP/S, S46GP/S, S46TP, S47LP/B, S47SP/B, S48CP/B, S48GP/B, S49CP/B, VGN-S54GP/S, S54TP, S55C/S, S55CP/S, S55SP/S, S56C/B, S56C/S, S56CP/B, S56CP/S, S56GP/S, S57LP/B, S57SP/B, S58CP/B, S58GP/B, S58TP, S59CP/B, S68SP/S, S430P/S, S380B (CTO), SZ420NB, SZ420QN, S460/B, S460B, S460F, S460P/B, S460PB, S470, S470P, S470P/S, S480, S480B, S480P (CTO), S550P/S, S560P/B, S560FP, S570, S570P/S, S580, S660, SZ1HP, SZ1HP/B (DDR2-533MHz), SZ1HRP/B (DDR2-533MHz), SZ1VP, SZ1VP/C (DDR2-533MHz), SZ1XP/C (DDR2-533MHz), SZ1XRP/C (DDR2-533MHz), SZ2HP/B (DDR2-533MHz), SZ2HRP/B (DDR2-533MHz), SZ2M/B (DDR2-533MHz), SZ2VP (DDR2-533MHz), SZ2VP/X (DDR2-533MHz), SZ2XP/C (DDR2-533MHz), SZ2XRP/C (DDR2-533MHz), SZ3HP/B (VGN SZ3HP/B), SZ3VWP/X, SZ3XWP, SZ4MN/B, SZ4VN/X, SZ4VWN/X, SZ4XWN/C, SZ5MN/B, SZ5VWN/X, SZ5XWN/C, SZ15GP, SZ17CP, SZ17SP/C, SZ18GP/C, SZ25GP (DDR2-533MHz), SZ28GP (DDR2-533MHz), SZ24SP, SZ27SP, SZ31SP/B, SZ33TP/B, SZ35SP/C, SZ37SP/C, SZ38GP, SZ48TN/C, VGN-SZ51B/B (DDR2-533MHz), VGN-SZ71B/B (DDR2-533MHz), SZ110/B, SZ140 (DDR2-533MHz), SZ140P, SZ140P02, SZ140P03, SZ140P04, SZ140P05, SZ140P06, SZ140P07, SZ140P08, SZ140P10, SZ140P12, SZ140PC (VGN SZ140PC), SZ140PD (VGN SZ140PD), SZ150P/C, SZ160P/C, SZ170P, SZ170P/C, SZ180P/C, SZ210P/B, SZ220/B, SZ220P, SZ230P/B, SZ240, SZ240F, SZ240P02, SZ240P03, SZ240P04, SZ240P05, SZ240P06, SZ240P07, SZ240P08, SZ240P09, SZ240P10, SZ240P11, SZ240P12, SZ240P13, SZ240P14, SZ240P15, SZ250P/C, SZ260P/C, VGN-SZ270P/C, SZ280P/C, SZ281P/X, SZ281P/XK1, SZ320CQP, SZ320P/B, SZ330P/B, SZ340, SZ340FP, SZ340P3, SZ340P4, SZ340P5, SZ340P6, SZ340P7, SZ340P8, SZ340P9, SZ340P10, SZ340P11, SZ340P12, SZ340P13, SZ340P14, SZ340P15, SZ340P50, SZ340PW1, SZ350BP, SZ360P/C, SZ370P/C, SZ381P/X, SZ390, VGN-SZ390PW, SZ390PW1, SZ42SN/B, SZ43GN/B, SZ430N/B, SZ44GN, SZ44GN/B, SZ437N, VGN-SZ450FN, SZ450N/C, SZ453N/B, SZ45SN/C, SZ47SN/C, SZ48GN/C, SZ433N/B (DDR2-533MHz), SZ440N01, SZ450AN, SZ470N/C, SZ483N/C, SZ491N/X, TX1HP, TX1HP/W, TX1XP, TX1XP/B, TX1XP/L, TX3HP/W (DDR2-533MHz), TX3XP (DDR2-533MHz), TX3XP/B (DDR2-533MHz), TX3XP/L (DDR2-533MHz), TX5MN/W, TX5VN/L, TX5XN/B, TX15C/W, TX16C/B, TX16C/W, TX16GP/W, TX16SP/W, TX16TP, TX17C/B, TX17C/L, TX17GP/B, TX17GP/W, TX17TP, TX25C, TX26C, TX27CP, TX27GP, TX27GPB, TX27GPT, TX27GPW, TX28CP, VGN-TX36GP/W, VGN-TX36SP, TX37GP, TX37GPB, TX37GPW, TX37SP, TX46GP/W, TX46SP/W, TX47GP/B, TX47GP/T, TX47GP/W, TX47SP/B, TX56SN/W, TX57GN/B, TX57GNT, TX93S, TX610, TX630, TX630P/B, TX650, TX650FP, TX650P/B, TX651, TX651P/B, TX670, TX670P/B, TX670P/W, TX690, TX690P/L, TX850FP, TX850P/B, TX850PB, XL2 (VGX XL2), TXN007, TXN15P/B, TXN15P/T, TXN17P/T, TXN17P/B, TXN19P/L, TXN25FN, TXN25N/B, TXN25N/W, TXN27CN, TXN27N/B, TXN27N/T, TXN27N/W, TXN29N/L, VGN-TZ93NS, VGN-TZ93S, VGN-TZ93US, TZ150N/B, TZ150N/N, VGN-TZ160CB, VGN-TZ160N/B, VGN-TZ170N/B, VGN-TZ170N/N, VGN-TZ190N/B, VGN-TZ191N/X, TZ195N, TZ195XC, VGN-TZ210E/P, TZ270N/B, TZ285N/RC, TZ290NAP, TZ290NBR, TZ290NCR, TZ295N/XC, TZ298N/XC, TZ395N/X, XN15P/W, VPCP11S1E/B, VPCP11S1E/G, VPCP11S1E/P, VPCX125LGS, VPCX127LG/S.
  • 012808, 021908, 030408, 032408, 040708, 041408, 051208, 052008, 052608, 061208, 062508, 070108, 070208, 072808, 102308, 102408, 111908, 112808, 011909, 030909, 031209, 031709, 032009, 041009, 061509, 062209, 091409, 092109, 120709, 021010, 021710, 041610, 042110, 063010, 071410, 072110, 080510, 122110, 011911, 040711, 042611, 051811, 072711
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