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Workstation Series Memory and Drives

Workstation 3000 Series
3000 Series 9x7 Model 9373000 Series 9x7 Model 937 
3000 Series 9x7 Model 9473000 Series 9x7 Model 947 
3000 Series 9x7 Model 9573000 Series 9x7 Model 957 
3000 Series 9x7 Model 9673000 Series 9x7 Model 967 
3000 Series 9x7 Model 9773000 Series 9x7 Model 977 
3000 Series 9x7 Model 9873000 Series 9x7 Model 987 
3000 Series 9x7LX Model 917LX3000 Series 9x7LX Model 917LX 
3000 Series 9x7LX Model 927LX3000 Series 9x7LX Model 927LX 
3000 Series 9x7LX Model 937LX3000 Series 9x7LX Model 937LX 
3000 Series 9x7LX Model 947LX3000 Series 9x7LX Model 947LX 
3000 Series 9x7LX Model 957LX3000 Series 9x7LX Model 957LX 
3000 Series 9x7LX Model 967LX3000 Series 9x7LX Model 967LX 
3000 Series 9x8 Model 918LX3000 Series 9x8 Model 918LX 
3000 Series 9x8 Model 918RX3000 Series 9x8 Model 918RX 
3000 Series 9x8 Model  928LX3000 Series 9x8 Model 928LX 
3000 Series 9x8 Model 928RX3000 Series 9x8 Model 928RX 
3000 Series 9x8 Model  968LX3000 Series 9x8 Model 968LX 
3000 Series 9x8 Model 968RX3000 Series 9x8 Model 968RX 
3000 Series 9x8 Model 978LX3000 Series 9x8 Model 978LX 
3000 Series 9x8 Model 978RX3000 Series 9x8 Model 978RX 
3000 Series 9x8 Model 988LX3000 Series 9x8 Model 988LX 
3000 Series 9x8 Model 988RX3000 Series 9x8 Model 988RX 
3000 Series 9x9 Model 939KS3000 Series 9x9 Model 939KS 
3000 Series 9x9 Model 959KS3000 Series 9x9 Model 959KS 
3000 Series 9x9 Model 969KS3000 Series 9x9 Model 969KS 
3000 Series 9x9 Model 979KS3000 Series 9x9 Model 979KS 
3000 9x9KS Series 979KS/1003000 9x9KS Series 979KS/100 
3000 9x9KS Series 979KS/2003000 9x9KS Series 979KS/200 
3000 9x9KS Series 979KS/3003000 9x9KS Series 979KS/300 
3000 9x9KS Series 979KS/4003000 9x9KS Series 979KS/400 
3000 9x9KS Series 989KS/1003000 9x9KS Series 989KS/100 
3000 9x9KS Series 989KS/1503000 9x9KS Series 989KS/150 
3000 9x9KS Series 989KS/2003000 9x9KS Series 989KS/200 
3000 9x9KS Series 989KS/2503000 9x9KS Series 989KS/250 
3000 9x9KS Series 989KS/3003000 9x9KS Series 989KS/300 
3000 9x9KS Series 989KS/3503000 9x9KS Series 989KS/350 
3000 9x9KS Series 989KS/4003000 9x9KS Series 989KS/400 
3000 9x9KS Series 989KS/4503000 9x9KS Series 989KS/450 
3000 9x9KS Series 989KS/5003000 9x9KS Series 989KS/500 
3000 9x9KS Series 989KS/5503000 9x9KS Series 989KS/550 
3000 9x9KS Series 989KS/6003000 9x9KS Series 989KS/600 
3000 9x9KS Series 989KS/6503000 9x9KS Series 989KS/650 
e3000 989KSe3000 989KS 
e3000 929KS/020e3000 929KS/020 
e3000 929KS/030e3000 929KS/030 
e3000 A-Class a400-100-110e3000 A-Class a400-100-110 
e3000 A-Class a500-100-140e3000 A-Class a500-100-140 
e3000 A-Class a500-200-140e3000 A-Class a500-200-140 
e3000 N-Class N4000-100-220e3000 N-Class N4000-100-220 
e3000 N-Class N4000-100-330e3000 N-Class N4000-100-330 
e3000 N-Class N4000-100-440e3000 N-Class N4000-100-440 
e3000 N-Class N4000-200-440e3000 N-Class N4000-200-440 
e3000 N-Class N4000-300-440e3000 N-Class N4000-300-440 
e3000 N-Class N4000-300-550e3000 N-Class N4000-300-550 
e3000 N-Class N4000-400-440e3000 N-Class N4000-400-440 
e3000 N-Class N4000-400-550e3000 N-Class N4000-400-550 
Workstation 9000 Series
9000 Workstation 400 Series9000 Workstation 400 Series 
9000 Workstation 700 Series9000 Workstation 700 Series 
9000 700J Workstation Series9000 700J Workstation Series 
9000 Model 800 Series9000 Model 800 Series 
9000 Class Server Series9000 Class Server Series 
9000 B-Class Workstation Series9000 B-Class Workstation Series 
9000 C-Class Workstation Series9000 C-Class Workstation Series 
9000 K-Class Workstation Series9000 K-Class Workstation Series 
9000 Series Business Server9000 Series Business Server 
Workstation I Series
Workstation i2000Workstation i2000 
Workstation i2000 (A7202A)Workstation i2000 (A7202A) 
Workstation i2000 (A7203A)Workstation i2000 (A7203A) 
Workstation j5600Workstation j5600 
Workstation j6000Workstation j6000 
Workstation j6700Workstation j6700 
Workstation Visualize
Visualize B-Class Workstation SeriesVisualize B-Class Workstation Series 
Visualize C-Class Workstation SeriesVisualize C-Class Workstation Series 
Visualize J-Class Workstation SeriesVisualize J-Class Workstation Series 
Visualize P-Class Workstation SeriesVisualize P-Class Workstation Series 
Visualize PI-Class Workstation SeriesVisualize PI-Class Workstation Series 
Visualize PL-Class Workstation SeriesVisualize PL-Class Workstation Series 
Visualize X-Class Workstation SeriesVisualize X-Class Workstation Series 
Visualize XL-Class Workstation SeriesVisualize XL-Class Workstation Series 
Visualization Center SV7Visualization Center SV7 
Workstation x Series
Workstation x1000Workstation x1000 
Workstation x1100Workstation x1100 
Workstation x2000 (ECC)Workstation x2000 (ECC) 
Workstation x2000 (non-ECC)Workstation x2000 (non-ECC) 
Workstation x2100 (ECC)Workstation x2100 (ECC) 
Workstation x2100 (non-ECC)Workstation x2100 (non-ECC) 
Workstation x4000Workstation x4000 
xl-class xlxl-class xl 
Workstation XW Series
xw3000 Workstation Seriesxw3000 Workstation Series 
xw4000 Workstation Seriesxw4000 Workstation Series 
xw5000 Workstation Seriesxw5000 Workstation Series 
xw6000 Workstation Seriesxw6000 Workstation Series 
xw8000 Workstation Seriesxw8000 Workstation Series 
xw9000 Workstation Seriesxw9000 Workstation Series 
Workstation Z Series
Workstation zx2000Workstation zx2000 
Workstation zx6000Workstation zx6000 
Workstation Z1 (DDR3-1600MHz) (ECC)Workstation Z1 (DDR3-1600MHz) (ECC) 
Workstation Z220 CMT/SFF (DDR3-1600MHz) (non-ECC)Workstation Z220 CMT/SFF (DDR3-1600MHz) (non-ECC) 
Workstation Z220 CMT/SFF (DDR3-1600MHz) (ECC)Workstation Z220 CMT/SFF (DDR3-1600MHz) (ECC) 
Workstation Z400Workstation Z400 
Workstation Z420 (DDR3-1600MHz) (ECC)Workstation Z420 (DDR3-1600MHz) (ECC) 
Workstation Z420 (DDR3-1333MHz) (ECC)Workstation Z420 (DDR3-1333MHz) (ECC) 
Workstation Z440 (DDR4-2133MHz) (Reg.ECC)Workstation Z440 (DDR4-2133MHz) (Reg.ECC) 
Workstation Z440 (DDR4-2400MHz) (Reg.ECC)Workstation Z440 (DDR4-2400MHz) (Reg.ECC) 
Workstation Z800 (DDR3-1066MHz)Workstation Z800 (DDR3-1066MHz) 
Workstation Z800 (DDR3-1333MHz)Workstation Z800 (DDR3-1333MHz) 
Workstation Z820 (DDR3-1333MHz) (ECC)Workstation Z820 (DDR3-1333MHz) (ECC) 
Workstation Z820 (DDR3-1333MHz) (Reg.ECC)Workstation Z820 (DDR3-1333MHz) (Reg.ECC) 
Workstation Z820 (DDR3-1333MHz) (LRDIMM)Workstation Z820 (DDR3-1333MHz) (LRDIMM) 
Workstation Z820 (DDR3-1600MHz) (ECC)Workstation Z820 (DDR3-1600MHz) (ECC) 
Workstation Z820 (DDR3-1600MHz) (Reg.ECC)Workstation Z820 (DDR3-1600MHz) (Reg.ECC) 
Workstation Z820 (DDR3-1600MHz) (LRDIMM)Workstation Z820 (DDR3-1600MHz) (LRDIMM) 
Workstation Z820 (DDR3-1866MHz) (ECC)Workstation Z820 (DDR3-1866MHz) (ECC) 
Workstation Z820 (DDR3-1866MHz) (Reg.ECC)Workstation Z820 (DDR3-1866MHz) (Reg.ECC) 
Workstation Z820 (DDR3-1866MHz) (LRDIMM)Workstation Z820 (DDR3-1866MHz) (LRDIMM) 
Workstation Z640 (DDR4-2133MHz) (Reg.ECC)Workstation Z640 (DDR4-2133MHz) (Reg.ECC) 
Workstation Z640 (DDR4-2133MHz) (LRDIMM)Workstation Z640 (DDR4-2133MHz) (LRDIMM) 
Workstation Z840 (DDR4-2133MHz) (Reg.ECC)Workstation Z840 (DDR4-2133MHz) (Reg.ECC) 
Workstation Z840 (DDR4-2133MHz) (LRDIMM)Workstation Z840 (DDR4-2133MHz) (LRDIMM) 
Workstation Z240 (DDR4-2133MHz) (non-ECC)Workstation Z240 (DDR4-2133MHz) (non-ECC) 
Workstation Z240 (DDR4-2133MHz) (ECC)Workstation Z240 (DDR4-2133MHz) (ECC) 
Workstation Z240 (DDR4-2400MHz) (non-ECC)Workstation Z240 (DDR4-2400MHz) (non-ECC) 
Workstation Z240 (DDR4-2400MHz) (ECC)Workstation Z240 (DDR4-2400MHz) (ECC) 
Workstation Z210 (DDR3-1333MHz)Workstation Z210 (DDR3-1333MHz) 
Workstation Z210 (DDR3-1600MHz)Workstation Z210 (DDR3-1600MHz) 
Workstation Z210C (DDR3-1333MHz)Workstation Z210C (DDR3-1333MHz) 
Workstation Z210C (DDR3-1600MHz)Workstation Z210C (DDR3-1600MHz) 
Workstation Z210 SFF (DDR3-1333MHz)Workstation Z210 SFF (DDR3-1333MHz) 
Workstation Z210 SFF (DDR3-1600MHz)Workstation Z210 SFF (DDR3-1600MHz) 
Workstation Z230 Tower (DDR3-1600MHz) ECC (UDIMM)Workstation Z230 Tower (DDR3-1600MHz) ECC (UDIMM) 
Workstation Z230 Tower (DDR3-1600MHz) (non-ECC)Workstation Z230 Tower (DDR3-1600MHz) (non-ECC) 
Workstation Z230 SFF (DDR3-1600MHz) ECC (UDIMM)Workstation Z230 SFF (DDR3-1600MHz) ECC (UDIMM) 
Workstation Z230 SFF (DDR3-1600MHz) (non-ECC)Workstation Z230 SFF (DDR3-1600MHz) (non-ECC) 
Workstation Z8 G4 (DDR4-2133MHz)Workstation Z8 G4 (DDR4-2133MHz) 
Workstation Z8 G4 (DDR4-2400MHz)Workstation Z8 G4 (DDR4-2400MHz) 
Workstation Z8 G4 (DDR4-2666MHz)Workstation Z8 G4 (DDR4-2666MHz) 
Workstation Z8 G4 (DDR4-2133MHz) LRWorkstation Z8 G4 (DDR4-2133MHz) LR 
Workstation Z8 G4 (DDR4-2400MHz) LRWorkstation Z8 G4 (DDR4-2400MHz) LR 
Workstation Z8 G4 (DDR4-2666MHz) LRWorkstation Z8 G4 (DDR4-2666MHz) LR 
Workstation C8000
2GB (2x1GB) HP Workstaion PC2100 Registered ECC Memory Kit (p/n A7842A)2GB (2x1GB) HP Workstaion PC2100 Registered ECC Memory Kit (p/n A7842A)  $29.96
4GB (2x2GB) HP Workstation PC2100 ECC Memory Kit (p/n A7843A)4GB (2x2GB) HP Workstation PC2100 ECC Memory Kit (p/n A7843A)  $59.96
4GB HP Workstation C8000 Memory Kit (p/n A8089B)4GB HP Workstation C8000 Memory Kit (p/n A8089B)  $1,999.98
8GB HP Workstation C8000 Memory Kit (p/n AB662A)8GB HP Workstation C8000 Memory Kit (p/n AB662A)  $179.96
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